Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration

Setting up the backdrop
Our Emcees.

Lion Dance...

Balloons and Balloons. Yeah..

Yu Sheng... Huat ah!!!

The performers.
Wheel of Fortune. Roll Money and Roll Money...
Our regular performers
Say "cheese"

Guitar... Hmm.. But where is Shaorong???

God of Fortune

Mass Singing

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Upcoming Events in Feb 08

Harlow mates,

last week was our CNY big bash @ SILRA. So happening n enjoyable, of course including our dinner @ Ban Leong and birthday celebration for our Feb babies. Yes, a bit too our Jan's babies was not around to take the limelight..

Stay tuned for our photos, please be patience..

Following is our Upcoming Events in Feb @ SILRA, do join us if possible..

2 Feb: Broadcast of 881 movie (2pm onwards - 4pm) / Spring Cleaning of our Volunteer Rm
9 Feb: Service Break (ie no service)
16 Feb: Ren Ri Celebration (2pm onwards - Steaming of Peach Buns and serving @ 3pm)
23 Feb: Normal Activities / Sashi Group


Thursday, January 24, 2008

CNY BIG BASH @ SILRA (26 Jan 08)

Hi All,
Once again, we've waited for 12 years to hear the squeaking of Rat into our Home. We are not saying about the grey type lingering at our rubbish chute. We are talking about the Golden Rat. Yes, the cycle begins once more and it will be another 11 more years till we hear 'oink oink'. How exicting it this, a new cycle and a new year!!

This coming Saturday, we will be having our Big Bash from 4pm onwards. PLEASE WEAR RED COLOR TOP!! Thou our event kick off @ 4pm, all volunteers please be @ SILRA from 12 noon onwards as manpower is required in the following area:-
  • Lo Hei Preparation - we will be in the kitchen shredding and cutting all the ingredients needed (Please borrow vegetable shredders from your mummy and bring along)
  • Titbits Preparation (Preserved Fruits/Pineapple Tarts/Panda Cake)- cutting into smaller pieces & arranging onto smaller plates.
  • Set-up of Decoration - Stage Backdrop
    Tea Preparation - brewing a good pot of chinese tea for dinner serving
  • Practice Mass Singing
Besides that manpower is also required during the event such as:-
  • Lo Hei Distribution
  • Buffet Distribution
  • Clapping of Hands / Creating the atmosphere (Througout the whole event)
  • Mass Singing
  • Distribution of Mandarin Orange
  • Spring Cleaning
We will be having our volunteer reunion dinner @ Ban Leong after the event, do join. =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekly Updates - 13 Jan 08

Hi folks, how have you been...

Last week our volunteer room was filled with people for the first time. We have welcome close to 10 new friends. Of course, our dearest Shao Rong (aka "axxowex") shared with us his moments of truth when he first started volunteering and things that he managed to pick up along the way. Not forgetting our vice-chair, Li Yu also shared with us on how she was "cheated" but was happy about it. Also, our 2nd newest member, Lawrence (aka the small one) shared with how he started out by gathering information over the net etc. Guess most of us have different reason(s) as to how we first started out in volunteering and the experiences we have after joining the group. Take a few moments to think back that baby first step you took in volunteering and how it have created an impact in your life.. Just wonder if you have not taken this step where would you be now??.....................

This coming Saturday (19 Jan) we are having our normal activites in addition we are organising a video shoot out for individuals to "record" their special greetings for our residents..(Remember we posted an email earlier for you guys to send us your video clips..yah as usual we being media shy=no response). Wear your Sunday best to SILRA this Saturday.

Gentle reminder to all, next Saturday (26 Jan) is SILRA big day, we are having our Chinese New Year Celebration, ppPLEASE wear RED color T-shirts/polo/any top. Manpower required for lots of please be @ SILRA by 1pm. More details released at later date.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Volunteer Orientation - 12 Jan 08


this coming Saturday we will be welcoming new friends-to-be of SILRA.

Our normal activities such as Stress Ball Exercise, Coffee/Milk Making, Memory Game, Muscial Therapy and Stroll are all coming back already..Remember our activities start from 2.30pm.

If you have got the time, do join us. =) C ya.