Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Gathering

Hi folks,

hope this post finds you & your family well. Yes, Brother Ox has arrived with a blast!!! As usual, our Joy Gathering Tradition carries on till now. To pay visit to "certain" volunteer's family on 初二。

We started with lunch at Shao Rong's place from 12 noon onwards and we laze there till evening as we head now to Teck Ee's place. We would like to give credit to both families for being such nice host to us.

Guys being guys like to play strategy, we played Citadels on TE's place. Before we can built our 8th district, we had to call it a day as its getting late where everyone need to work the next day.

Lastly, we got photos for u to see who's there on that day. (PS: try your luck). We do hope you can join us in Tigger Year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Usher into Year of Ox

Dear Friends,

missing our Blog?? Yah, totally agree that we have been slience since Sept 08...well we will try our best to keep u informed on the latest happenings as we usher into Year of Ox....

Another year is trying to slip past us again. As we usher into the Year of Ox, let's us reflect on the time we spent at SILRA together. The fun and hair grabbing moments while planning, organising and implementing activites for our elderly. Time spent with elderly on Saturday afternoon always pass by quickly without knowing and its time to say goodbye before we are even "warmed up".

Moments like these for the past 14 years from our Pioneers to the current batch of volunteers we have who still have the same characteristics: young, vibrant and talented with nice voice, with groove and handyman still remains. Nothing have changed except change.

Lastly, on behalf of the Group, here's wishing you and your family: A good health which will brings you wealth. For wealth at heart will brings you happiness to spread love. For love brings a smile on our faces. For a smile that is small but brings joy and light to all. Happy Lunar New Year!

PS: Let us continue to serve our elderly with care, joy and laughter as we are a part of Joy Gathering, a part of SILRA Home. To do something good, we must feel good in doing it good.

Note: Service will resume on 31 Jan 09. Please note that we are celebrating 人日 on that day. Please be at SILRA by 2.15pm, your punctuality is much appreciated.