Monday, August 21, 2006

Seventh Month Festival Celebrations Part 2

As usual, items were still purchased by our"official purchasers" Shuyi and Carol...

See how uncles and aunties excited when they had successful bid over the auction items.........

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Seventh Month Festival Celebrations Part 1

Other than Chinese New Year, this is another festival celebration that elderly & volunteers will be looking forward to. With "getai", the yummy food and also their favourite "auction", who will be left out in this celebration? There was something for everyone.

The rehearsal....

The performance

Our regular "guest" performers.

Our regular auction emcees.

Joy Gathering very own "S.H.E."
Before and After Make Up.

Can you spot who is who?

How can the celebration miss out Lawrence's singing?

Joy Gathering very own "Alex To" performing the song"脱掉"


Will post up more when I get more pictures from Delong.... Keep a lookout....

Fishing-New activity

8 July 2006
A new activity was introduced on this saturday. Idea was initiated by Shaorong. Tying strings to long chopsticks to make the fishing rods. Look how enthustastic our elderly were.

Wow... Uncle Pei Song is so excited....

Look at the 2 aunties. They paid so much attention while fishing. hhmm.. Fishing really need lots of patience..