Saturday, April 12, 2008

Handicraft Session ~ 19 April

Hi folks,

Please do join us next Saturday, 19 April for our Salt bottle making. Please be there @ 2pm. Thanks.

We hope to see you there to encourage our residents to participate this activity. =)

In addition, please be informed that we have 4 new residents @ SILRA. Please welcome them to SILRA.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Food Festival ~ 12 Apr 08

Hi all,

Please kindly note that our dinner menu change for this Saturday ~ 12 Apr.

We will be having Yong Tau Foo Soup instead (based on high demand). It's been quite a while since we have cook YTF.

See you this Saturday @ 2pm. =)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happenings @ SILRA

Hi Folks,
been such a long time since we blog..well we are undergoing some UPGRADES in order to serve our residents better.. Well, as some of you might have know, we are coming up with a new outline to run our weekly activities or to put in bluntly: to be a little more structured...
Thus, this is just a sneak preview of what's new @ SILRA. Please do not be surprised at your next remain calm..
1. Sneak Preview:

Each week of the month we will have a designated activity to carry out from 3pm - 4 pm.

Week 1: Games

Week 2: Food

Week 3: Handicraft

Week 4 Golden Week

Recap on our programe:

  • Set up of Karaoke (2.00pm) @ Ground Level
  • Milk Making (2.30pm) run concurrently with
  • Stress Ball Exercise (2.30pm) @ 2nd and 3rd Level
  • Designated Activity (according to the week) - 3 - 4pm @ Ground Level
  • Musical Therapy (4pm) @ Ground Level
  • Feeding (optional)
  • Meeting (4.45pm) @ 5th Level
  • Stroll-a-round (5.15pm)

2. Stroll-a-round:

As most of us is aware, the response for stroll-a-round is highly welcomed by our residents. However, this activity is limited to the weather conditions as well as the no. of volunteers who are able to join since we are targeting in the pairing of 1 resident to 1 volunteer.

Thus, to facilitate the IC to be aware of the no. of residents to engage in the stroll after their dinner, we will be putting up a white board @ ground level for volunteer to indicate their participation.

We have done up some magnets clips with volunteers names. For those who can't locate your name, please do not be despair, just write your name on the board and provide us with your name (in Chinese character and English).

As such, we need your co-operation to paste your names on the white board to indicate that you will be joining the evening stroll. From there, we will be able to determine the no. of volunteers and to find the equal no. of residents.

See You This Saturday for Bingo.. Are you Game Enough??