Monday, September 17, 2012

ESN Carnival 1 Sep 2012

-ESN carnival was held at Republic Polytechnic.
-Happy and excited elderly, they are patiently waiting to get their funs at many game stall and delicious food stall set up by the various elderly homes.

-There are memories game, wheel of fortunes, ring the bottles, rubber gun shooting and many others.

- Delicious food such as beancurd, chee chong fun, chin chou, bao, laksa, miilo, sweet potato balls and many others.

- There are also stall selling medical oil, T-Shirt together with toilet roll, powder, nose relieve inhaler, plaster and others.
-Befriending the elderly can reward you with many life experience that you can learn from them. Why not join us in the elderly sector to take care of all the elderly :D

-A Big family with big loving heart in everyone of us ^_~ .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

7th Month Geitai 2012

-Packing auction prize, there are foods, shower bath, medical ointments and containers.

-There are wheelchair handling for our Jennifer and Kitty :D.


-Elderly is choosing their auction prize, seeing anything interesting aunty and uncles.

-All uncle and aunty is very excited in the prize which they will bid for it later when the getai starts :D

-Everybody is getting busy over the preparation of Silra Home 7th month GeiTai :D

- Singers and dancers are rehearsing their moves, which are going to charm our audience with their performance.

-Smell something nice !!!

-Good ! You have a keen nose, that's right it's our buffet. Specially sponsor by our very own silra volunteer Jacee :D. Thank you Jacee :)

-We must not forget our Beer lady Zhou Dan, lovely lady who make her very own beer ribbon. Very creative of her :D.

-Serving right to your door steps. Yes, it is our thoughtful  services that won us all the elderly's heart ^^.
-CK is asking....will you like to have some more?(to the viewers !)

-Oh gosh, the NUS students are having fun and helping around. Good job guys :).

- Oh look, it's me and one of the NUS student acting as MC. I hope that everybody is having lots of fun....who am i kidding...of course everybody is having fun if not rubbish will be throwing at our direction =P.

- Mr Chua and CK is shouting at the top of their voice to have our 7th month present auction out to our elderly :D.

-Teck Ee and Mr Chua is having a good rest after all the hard work they have been through.

-Twin yellow is our cute little children (Jenny's children) performing together with their parents :). A very good performance indeed :).