Sunday, September 16, 2012

7th Month Geitai 2012

-Packing auction prize, there are foods, shower bath, medical ointments and containers.

-There are wheelchair handling for our Jennifer and Kitty :D.


-Elderly is choosing their auction prize, seeing anything interesting aunty and uncles.

-All uncle and aunty is very excited in the prize which they will bid for it later when the getai starts :D

-Everybody is getting busy over the preparation of Silra Home 7th month GeiTai :D

- Singers and dancers are rehearsing their moves, which are going to charm our audience with their performance.

-Smell something nice !!!

-Good ! You have a keen nose, that's right it's our buffet. Specially sponsor by our very own silra volunteer Jacee :D. Thank you Jacee :)

-We must not forget our Beer lady Zhou Dan, lovely lady who make her very own beer ribbon. Very creative of her :D.

-Serving right to your door steps. Yes, it is our thoughtful  services that won us all the elderly's heart ^^.
-CK is asking....will you like to have some more?(to the viewers !)

-Oh gosh, the NUS students are having fun and helping around. Good job guys :).

- Oh look, it's me and one of the NUS student acting as MC. I hope that everybody is having lots of fun....who am i kidding...of course everybody is having fun if not rubbish will be throwing at our direction =P.

- Mr Chua and CK is shouting at the top of their voice to have our 7th month present auction out to our elderly :D.

-Teck Ee and Mr Chua is having a good rest after all the hard work they have been through.

-Twin yellow is our cute little children (Jenny's children) performing together with their parents :). A very good performance indeed :).

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