Tuesday, September 11, 2007

7th Mth Getai Celebration Part I

Sorry to keep all folks waiting.
This year, we had a dance performance by some of the volunteers. This dance is cheorographed by Sophia.
Let's take a peek at the rehearsal for the dance.

The rehearsal for the mass singing

"auction" item

The preparation

The Wait

The "Healthy" Dance Performance

The auction starts

New Game... Matching Game.

Look out for part II.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another week...

hi all..missing on our posts?? yah we are still waiting for our getai photos to be posted..keep tuning in okie..we promise once we have will upload for every1 to see...

anw time seems to pass us pretty fast..we are already into the 3rd quarter eating mooncake soon. In no time, bet we are eating our hearts out for turkey with cranberry sauce, rice dumpling balls again..so looking back for the year have we done what we had planned in the begining???

This coming saturday besides our normal activities, we will encourage our residents to do up the Salt bottles..If you are thinking why we are so into Salt Bottle..its mainly that we are encouraging them on Hand-eye movement plus this year end we are having a inter-agency carnival at Yishun JC. Its one of the way for showing our residents' talents. =)

So do join us if you are able to make it..See u @ SILRA.=)