Monday, June 25, 2007

What A Retreat we had...

Phew what a weekend some of us had..abt 15 of us had jus spend abt 24 hrs "hanging" out bonded with each out in a 4-wheel drive to JB..Nah it wasnt that bad as anyone tot of..we had great fun rite???

While waiting for our Durian Uncle under a bus shelter, we played Polar Bear under the Hot Sun.. managed to guess who is the blue blooded bear and the hunter??

Finally...our Durian. This whole basket is 74 kg not to worry we didnt finish it..we only ate 50kg...Luckily our kind-hearted organiser (Karen & Jason) brought salt for us...

Cant you guys imgaine that all these faces below had just finish the 50kg durian in less than 2 hrs ago and they are still eagerly wait for their food @ Kinashi Japanese Restaurant (Jusco Shopping Centre)

Our Beautiful Ladies

Just a peep as to what we had...

Yasai Tempura & Soft Shell Crab Maki

Gintara Teriyaki Bento Set & Saba Shioyaki Bento Set

Spot the difference...

Now who looks like the Marvel Superhero?? Johnny, Ben, Silver Surfer, Susan and Reeds...

Top 10 facts about our volunteers..

10. We love our feet a lot..(cos almost all had a pair of shoes..given that a few bought 3 pairs so if avg out all have a pair in theory)
9. Our stomach is as big as universe (as we keep eating and eating and of cos eating)
8. Gals like pretty or macho boys to wash our cars.
7. Everyone maintains their image when eating durian
6. Some of us like cleanliness and like others to be too..(6 mini vaccum cleaners were bought in less than 30 mins)
5. We love the joy of sharing food and eating from a single bowl of shaven ice..or is it we dun wish to add inches to our waist??
4. We "cover" one another...on roads (via voice) as well as in bed..(its nice to be tucked in by nice)
3. We ensure "bed stalls" are set up and properly run by one another
2. Even before bed we engage one another in physical activity ( okie..dun read too much)
1. WE LOVE EACH OTHER COMPANY!!!! & we are thinking of our next retreat..will it be Cameron Highlands (via coach) or to climb Mt Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...

Before that, see you at SILRA this coming Saturday...Welcome Back!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our Dumpling Festival

Its bright and early that we all reach SILRA home carrying our items prepared earlier to wrap the dumplings.. yes so exciting to get our hands dirty for a good cause.

Weather was cool and breezy and soon we are done with the wrapping of dumpling with so much joy and laughter wrapped with the filling prepared by our respective volunteers. In addition, the SIA staff came down to SILRA providing a lunch treat for the residents. While waiting for the dumpling to be cooked, volunteers started to prepare for our HUMAN Jackpot (check out our youtube for the rehearsal).

In no time, we are so engrossed with the game and the residents are happy in getting the ginseng tea and subsequently the guilinggao...
Great job done for you guys who helped to wrap cos we received feedback that this year our rice dumplings is very nicely wrapped..(ps: we are not saying that prev years one is not nice..but residents felt that we have improved a lot...) A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU

Check out our photos...



Please note that next week is our service break as WE ARE GOING FOR A RETREAT...for those who have signed up please check your email for more details abt the retreat on Wednesday...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dumpling Festival 2007

Hi all,
Its our Rice Dumpling Festival once more…remember our Human Race with 6 supporting volunteers dressing up as the ingredients of the dumpling?? (FYI: you may wish to check out our archive blog for the pictures, hee hee) You know our volunteers are very supportive of one another..

This year, we will be playing HUMAN JACKPOT…sounds interesting..come on down to be a part of this game… Do not worry only hands and smiley faces are required. No makeup will be provided.

Well, back to our main star of event.."Hokkien Dumpling", please be @ SILRA Home by 10am. Please bring along "S-Hooks" if your home do have any available. This is for hanging our wrapped dumpling.

To make you drool, yummy big mushrooms, the tantalizing meat, the chestnuts. In addition, the main ingredient, rice, also forgotten the "outer clothes", without these what’s rice dumpling…the bamboo leaves & strings..

See you guys here @ SILRA Home this coming Saturday.

Lastly, we hope to see you bring along your family members and/or friends to join in the fun to be wrapped together…