What makes Joy Gathering unique?

"The loving interactions between our elderly, volunteers, and staff create unique experiences which I have never seen elsewhere and will never forget.

The strong bonds within Joy Gathering was obvious from the first day I joined. I am still learning how such bonds are formed through my own weekly visitations!" - Julian Choo

How have you grown from volunteering?

"The strings of memories and insights at different segments of the 10 years journey may at times be heart-warming, other times painful, but I reminded myself never to lose any of the lessons as it is a necessary part of the process of collective transformation, mutual growth, intense sharing and self-discovery." - Joy Gathering Volunteer Handbook, page 18

What elderly say

"Volunteers come to our Home every Saturday to bring us happiness, and put smiles on every one of our faces; I really thank them." -《我们的命坏,运好》, page 13

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