Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nice Weather ~ crossing fingers *wink*

Hi folks,

missing our blog posts?? Bet that you are happy and saying that "wow, finally got posts liao"...

These few weeks, SILRA got new things happening, in case you are still on to let me update you.
  • We started with Weekly In Charge (IC) - seems familiar rite..yes this is a comeback kid. So everyone you will get your chance to be the IC. No "Siaming" one, sure kanna one. Time will tell...
  • We got new volunteers who have joined us for our sessions. Let's put our hands together to welcome them. WELCOME =)
  • Everyone is still contributing their ideas and efforts to make a difference in the lives of our residents. JIA YOU(x2)!!
  • Our Audio system is getting simpler and simpler to set up, speakers are already wired to the system. It's just connecting to the main power, switch on the TV, Amplifier and VCD player. of course, loading the disc lah. this one still need to teach meh =P
  • Its nice to know that our volunteers are getting more and more vocal to sing for our residents. Let's have a telematch among us and ask residents to vote for us. LOL.
  • 2 of our volunteers exchange their vows and they came by to share their happiness with our residents in month of Feb. They are still honeymooning.
  • Chef is back @ SILRA!! Residents and us (keke) are in for a treat. Everybody, let's thank him and give him a massage whenever possible.
  • There is Yoga exercises and laughter therapy going on @ SILRA very Saturday, 3pm. Let's haha all the way with our residents.
  • Weather havn't been kind to us, everytime scheduled to rain at 4 - 6 pm. Thus, we havnt been able to bring our residents out. The new covered walkways, new plants etc...we have yet to got the chance to view them yet. Come on, let's pray for a bright and shinning day today!!!

Time really files and we are already passing the 1st quarter of the year already. The upcoming months will be full of events, so everybody hope these few months you've recharged yourselves and is ready to CHARGED all the way liao..

Highlight of Upcoming events:

4th apr: our famous Kaya Roti Toast (come & learn the ropes to be Kopi-di or Kopi-sor) remember to bring waist pouch...

23rd may: Rice dumpling festival (get ur family and friends down to help us wrap or conduct QC.