Monday, September 17, 2012

ESN Carnival 1 Sep 2012

-ESN carnival was held at Republic Polytechnic.
-Happy and excited elderly, they are patiently waiting to get their funs at many game stall and delicious food stall set up by the various elderly homes.

-There are memories game, wheel of fortunes, ring the bottles, rubber gun shooting and many others.

- Delicious food such as beancurd, chee chong fun, chin chou, bao, laksa, miilo, sweet potato balls and many others.

- There are also stall selling medical oil, T-Shirt together with toilet roll, powder, nose relieve inhaler, plaster and others.
-Befriending the elderly can reward you with many life experience that you can learn from them. Why not join us in the elderly sector to take care of all the elderly :D

-A Big family with big loving heart in everyone of us ^_~ .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

7th Month Geitai 2012

-Packing auction prize, there are foods, shower bath, medical ointments and containers.

-There are wheelchair handling for our Jennifer and Kitty :D.


-Elderly is choosing their auction prize, seeing anything interesting aunty and uncles.

-All uncle and aunty is very excited in the prize which they will bid for it later when the getai starts :D

-Everybody is getting busy over the preparation of Silra Home 7th month GeiTai :D

- Singers and dancers are rehearsing their moves, which are going to charm our audience with their performance.

-Smell something nice !!!

-Good ! You have a keen nose, that's right it's our buffet. Specially sponsor by our very own silra volunteer Jacee :D. Thank you Jacee :)

-We must not forget our Beer lady Zhou Dan, lovely lady who make her very own beer ribbon. Very creative of her :D.

-Serving right to your door steps. Yes, it is our thoughtful  services that won us all the elderly's heart ^^.
-CK is asking....will you like to have some more?(to the viewers !)

-Oh gosh, the NUS students are having fun and helping around. Good job guys :).

- Oh look, it's me and one of the NUS student acting as MC. I hope that everybody is having lots of fun....who am i kidding...of course everybody is having fun if not rubbish will be throwing at our direction =P.

- Mr Chua and CK is shouting at the top of their voice to have our 7th month present auction out to our elderly :D.

-Teck Ee and Mr Chua is having a good rest after all the hard work they have been through.

-Twin yellow is our cute little children (Jenny's children) performing together with their parents :). A very good performance indeed :).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Air Port Terminal 3 on 26 May 2012

- Yap ! Here we have our elderly in the Changi Aviation Gallery to watch the air planes take off and land. Our elderly is very happy to be there at our very own Singapore Airport Terminal 3 :D

-A very kind photographer, volunteer himself to take our photos. Taking good photos are not easy, and it requires a lot of hard work. So thank you for your help :D

-We start off the briefing for volunteers, before we pair up the volunteers with silra elderly. Thank you all for waking up early and contributed your precious time to bring the elderly out for a walk :).

-Our elderly have slight difficulties in boarding the bus on their own, but fear not we are there to help them out. Step by step we support and assist them to board the bus.

-Lots of chit chatting on the journey towards Terminal 3.
-Some elderly walk together with volunteers side by side, others on wheel chairs. All elderly and volunteers are excited and happy to be there. This is the first time our elderly have came to the Singapore airport so they are wandering around with great delight.

-Our dear volunteer Stan have brought food, as and when, to share with elderly and volunteers at no charge. So generous of him :). This come at the right time for our volunteers, specially for those who have not taken their breakfast, way to go Stan ! :D

-After viewing at the gallery, we proceed to the basement 2 for shopping and lunch. As the whole area is airconditioned, you see that everybody is in high spirit, enjoying the cool air :P. During our shopping tour, the elderly brought themselves some food from the supermarket.

- Later part of the day, we even brought our elderly for the sky train ride and they quite enjoy it :).

-'s time to go home and we all said good bye to Airport Terminal 3:D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fish Porridge

We have our Fish porridge in the making last saturday on the 12 may 2012, at the same time our volunteer Bee Kim have contribute us a set of culteries, New knifes for our cutting of meat & fish, and 3 types of varies size of cutting board.
We done all silra volunteers and NUS stadents :)

On Our Way to the Air-Port :D

Hello Volunteers,

Hope you had a blessed week ;)

We would like to welcome you to SILRA Home this weekend. Its our regular session but do join us for a session of coffee, tea, ktv and chit chat session with the elderly?

The next programme lined up is for 26th May. We are bringing the elderly to the AIRPORT - Terminal 3. We shall start the day at 830 am and reach the airport by 945 am. Its a day where we will bring them to the Aviation Gallery, followed by shopping at the Airport Mall and lastly, joining us for lunch at the Kopitiam Food Court.

Would you like to be part of the fun and the laughter which we will bring to the elderly? If so, do sign up! Kindly reply to We have now 19 volunteers but will need another 5/6 more.

Hear from you and GREAT Weekend ahead.

Regards / On behalf of

Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Sunday, May 06, 2012

5 May 2012

Hi joy gatherers , how is ur day ? We have 7 volunteers today . Not too bad - we had a gd chit chatting , karaoke n musical therapy session . Next wk , we ll have cooking fish porridge , c ya in the kitchen at 12pm . :) Malcom ll buy the fishes n bee Kim will take care of the vegie . Cheers .

2 May 2012

Yo joy gatherers , this sat we will still go ahead w our service in Silra , pls come if u could . We ll b playing mass game if there are enough people , we are meeting at 2.30pm. 12 may , we are cooking porridge , need lots of help according to past experience coz we are serving 1 bowl by 1 bowl , cooking the fish only during serving - our hands were stiff after that because we (all gals team ) had no guys to help us the other time . Pls mark that day in your calendars n come help us k ? Thanks n c yah this sat n next sat ! Cheers


We need to start to brainstorm our performances f 七月歌台soon, this year - lets do something special and leave a deep memory like Stan's SHE and Jason's 脱掉。 哈哈哈!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 April 2012 Volunteer For This Saturday

Hello All,

The weekend is coming and the elderly look forward to meeting you this Sat again!

It wil be the regular session so lets assemble at 230 pm!

We will have our coffee and tea session, befriending, KTV and go for a stroll there after.

In addition, there will be a group coming at 3pm. Let us extend our graciousness in welcoming them, and together offering our weekly service to our Silra residents.


Regards / On behalf of Chun Keong
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After Outing 24 April 2012

Folks , after the bonding session at Ubin , this coming Sat we are having the usual activities . Let's meet at 2.30pm in Silra ! Last wk , there were 8 newer volunteers , we manage to push the elderly out for a walk . Coming sat , hope to are more of u yah ! Cheers ...

Pula Ubin Outing 21 April 2012

Folks , c ya tomorow at changi village at 8am , 1st coffee shop nearer to the hotel ... If cant find , call one another. Cheers

Monday, January 09, 2012

9 Jan 2012

Hi all Joy Gatherers,

Times flies, 2011 had ended and 2012 has approached.

Have you done your review for last year and set new goals for the new year ? A few of us had done a review for Joy Gathering and we will share our calendar with all of you soon. Last year, we lost about 6 elderlys, we still have 41 dear elderlys with us and they are are getting older each year. For the 41 dear ones, there is a no. of interesting events lined up to let them live their remaining journey as interesting and fulfilling as possible. All these events will not be able to roll out without all of us coming together as joy gatherers to serve them and befriend with them. Hence, this year, we hope to recruit as many new & committed volunteers as possible and hope to see more of you coming back whenever you are available. You got the hint ? keke....

For a start, we are going to have the Chinese New Year Celebration on this coming Saturday.

We are going to have lion dance performance, Caishen to give out Angbaos , our own Laohei , cozy Steamboat dinner as well as various performances by new volunteers and friends.

As we have to decorate the hall and prepare all the Laohei as well as steamboat ingredients, let's meet at 10am in Silra Home this coming Saturday. Please bring along ladie , shredder and netted scoop for the steamboat dinner. :-) & please wear Red , Pink or Orange bright Shirt. Please reserve your evening for us , too, as we are going to have our Volunteers' Reunion Dinner to start the Dragon Year.

The ICs for the day is as follows :

Laohei IC : Bee Kim
Kitchen IC : Malcom & Mak
Mkting IC : Liyu
Decoration IC : Zhi Yong & NUS team & Liyu
Game & Performance IC : CK & Wanyi
Lion Dance IC : Liyu
Logistic & AV IC : Stan & Jack
Programme : Jacee supported by Sock Hwee
Treasurer : Carol and Yanting
Table IC : Volunteers who turn up :-)

The Programme is as follows:
3pm : set up Steamboat dinners
3.15pm :invite elderly
3.45 pm : Lion Dance
4 pm : God of Fortune with a Volunteer , Soo Fern to distribute Ang Baos
4.10 pm onwards :
Dinner Starts
Guitar cum Singing by Wanyi & Team
Games by CK & Wanyi
Sitar performance by Wanyi's friends
Songs by all Volunteers
6.15pm : pack up
6.30 debrief
7 pm : Volunteers' Reunion Dinner

We hope to see you ya. cheerios

(Let's do little things with GREAT LOVE to start the New Year)

Warm Regards /
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group