Friday, May 01, 2009

Temporary Service Break

Hi all,

As of 30 April 09, there are no human cases of Mexican swine flu in Singapore. There have been 22 cases in total referred for further medical assessment. Of the 22 cases, 19 cases have been tested negative for Influenza A. 2 tested positive for usual circulating seasonal strains of Influenza A and 1 is pending laboratory investigations. (Reference: Ministry of Health)

In addition, we have received advise from Management as part of precautionary measurement , there will be no visitations and/or external visits till further notice as part of precautionary measurement.

We will provide updates via email. We seek to have your understanding and co-operation.

Please contact Rimei for further information.

In the meantime, while we are at Home during the service break, we can brainstorm on issues and/or ideas as to how to re-connect with SILRA residents once we resumed our services. In addition, you may wish to keep your blog entries coming in for publication. Keep the ideas flowing.

Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Responsible, Vigilant and Prepared

Hi all,

Please be informed that as of 30th April 09, there are no human cases of swine flu in Singapore. (Reference: Ministry of Health).

However, it will be good for us as volunteers to be responsible, vigilant and prepared in the current situation. As of now, we have yet to receive management information on the cessation of volunteer and/or visitation status. Once we received any information, we will keep you all updated on visitation status via email.

Please advise to us whether you will be visiting SILRA this coming Saturday, 2nd May. This will facilitate us to contact you should there be any cessation of volunteer service in abruptness.

Alternatively, please kindly contact Rimei for latest updates prior to your visitation to SILRA.


1. Prior to Service:

  • ALL VOLUNTEERS are to report to 5th Level Volunteer Room
  • To record name, NRIC No., contact details, temperature readings and time in on the contact tracing form
  • Weekly IC will be in charge of the completion of contact tracing form
  • This will be given to SILRA Management for record purpose
  • Clearance for conducting service: Temperature readings is less than 38°C

    2. During Service:
    ALL VOLUNTEERS are to take note with which resident you are interacting with and location (Information required in form)

    3. After Service:
  • ALL VOLUNTEERS are to report to 5th Level Volunteer Room
  • To record which resident interacted with, location and time out on the contact tracing form
  • Weekly IC - kindly ensure form is duly completed and forward the copy to Liyu.
    • We would strongly advise you not to visit and come into contact with any of SILRA's residents if your answers to the following questions were “Yes”.

      1. Do you have high fever (>38°C) or other symptoms such as cough,sore throat or runny nose within the last 21 days?
      2. Have you travelled to swine influenza affected areas within the last 7 days?
      3. Have you travelled to swine influenza affected areas within the last 14 days?

      In the meantime, we recommend that ALL VOLUNTEERS to:-
      * consume your Vitamin C regularly;
      * Drink more water;
      * observe higher level personal hygiene;
      * in event that you develop symptoms, please wear surgical mask and seek medical consultation.
      * FYI: Cases will be referred to the CDC for a thorough assessment. A dedicated ambulance service (tel 993) has been activated to convey such patients to CDC.

      Let us continue to be responsible, vigilant and prepared.

      Thursday, April 02, 2009

      Kaya Roti Toast

      Hi folks,

      Last week, many thanks to Karen & Alison for making the refreshing dessert for our residents. Yummy yummy... Let's welcome Alison to our BIG Family!! (clap clap)

      Also, thankfully as the weather was good we managed to wheel some of our residents around the neighbourhood.

      Watch out for this coming Saturday, 4 April 09, our famous and highly demand Kaya Roti Toast is back @ SILRA.

      Let's meet at 1.30pm to gear up ourself. (keke..QC QC: Quality Control - the part that most volunteers like most...)

      Saturday, March 28, 2009

      Nice Weather ~ crossing fingers *wink*

      Hi folks,

      missing our blog posts?? Bet that you are happy and saying that "wow, finally got posts liao"...

      These few weeks, SILRA got new things happening, in case you are still on to let me update you.
      • We started with Weekly In Charge (IC) - seems familiar rite..yes this is a comeback kid. So everyone you will get your chance to be the IC. No "Siaming" one, sure kanna one. Time will tell...
      • We got new volunteers who have joined us for our sessions. Let's put our hands together to welcome them. WELCOME =)
      • Everyone is still contributing their ideas and efforts to make a difference in the lives of our residents. JIA YOU(x2)!!
      • Our Audio system is getting simpler and simpler to set up, speakers are already wired to the system. It's just connecting to the main power, switch on the TV, Amplifier and VCD player. of course, loading the disc lah. this one still need to teach meh =P
      • Its nice to know that our volunteers are getting more and more vocal to sing for our residents. Let's have a telematch among us and ask residents to vote for us. LOL.
      • 2 of our volunteers exchange their vows and they came by to share their happiness with our residents in month of Feb. They are still honeymooning.
      • Chef is back @ SILRA!! Residents and us (keke) are in for a treat. Everybody, let's thank him and give him a massage whenever possible.
      • There is Yoga exercises and laughter therapy going on @ SILRA very Saturday, 3pm. Let's haha all the way with our residents.
      • Weather havn't been kind to us, everytime scheduled to rain at 4 - 6 pm. Thus, we havnt been able to bring our residents out. The new covered walkways, new plants etc...we have yet to got the chance to view them yet. Come on, let's pray for a bright and shinning day today!!!

      Time really files and we are already passing the 1st quarter of the year already. The upcoming months will be full of events, so everybody hope these few months you've recharged yourselves and is ready to CHARGED all the way liao..

      Highlight of Upcoming events:

      4th apr: our famous Kaya Roti Toast (come & learn the ropes to be Kopi-di or Kopi-sor) remember to bring waist pouch...

      23rd may: Rice dumpling festival (get ur family and friends down to help us wrap or conduct QC.

      Wednesday, January 28, 2009

      CNY Gathering

      Hi folks,

      hope this post finds you & your family well. Yes, Brother Ox has arrived with a blast!!! As usual, our Joy Gathering Tradition carries on till now. To pay visit to "certain" volunteer's family on 初二。

      We started with lunch at Shao Rong's place from 12 noon onwards and we laze there till evening as we head now to Teck Ee's place. We would like to give credit to both families for being such nice host to us.

      Guys being guys like to play strategy, we played Citadels on TE's place. Before we can built our 8th district, we had to call it a day as its getting late where everyone need to work the next day.

      Lastly, we got photos for u to see who's there on that day. (PS: try your luck). We do hope you can join us in Tigger Year.

      Thursday, January 22, 2009

      Usher into Year of Ox

      Dear Friends,

      missing our Blog?? Yah, totally agree that we have been slience since Sept 08...well we will try our best to keep u informed on the latest happenings as we usher into Year of Ox....

      Another year is trying to slip past us again. As we usher into the Year of Ox, let's us reflect on the time we spent at SILRA together. The fun and hair grabbing moments while planning, organising and implementing activites for our elderly. Time spent with elderly on Saturday afternoon always pass by quickly without knowing and its time to say goodbye before we are even "warmed up".

      Moments like these for the past 14 years from our Pioneers to the current batch of volunteers we have who still have the same characteristics: young, vibrant and talented with nice voice, with groove and handyman still remains. Nothing have changed except change.

      Lastly, on behalf of the Group, here's wishing you and your family: A good health which will brings you wealth. For wealth at heart will brings you happiness to spread love. For love brings a smile on our faces. For a smile that is small but brings joy and light to all. Happy Lunar New Year!

      PS: Let us continue to serve our elderly with care, joy and laughter as we are a part of Joy Gathering, a part of SILRA Home. To do something good, we must feel good in doing it good.

      Note: Service will resume on 31 Jan 09. Please note that we are celebrating 人日 on that day. Please be at SILRA by 2.15pm, your punctuality is much appreciated.