Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do u deserve a break??

Hi all,

well we are already heading towards the 1st quarter of Year 2007, time really flies...are things at work, home, school doing okie?? If you think you deserve a BREAK then join us this June for an innovative trip ever done by Joy Gathering!! Yes, no doubt, we are currently planning for a retreat...this year we are going to do it differently...this retreat is all about food and more FOOD!!!

The smell of this thing is either you are in heaven or 6 feet under...hmmm not quite 6 feet under at least I know one volunteer who doesn't like this fruit & she is still on this earth breathing the same air...

Yes, it's DURIAN and we are talking about KAMPUNG DURIAN not any ordinary durian, its straight from PLANTATION, okie...yah yah okie i know its still thorny as ever...

Plan: Weekend Trip to Batu Pahat (Malaysia) & Seafood Dinner
Dates to choose from: 2 / 9 / 23 / 30 June 2007
(Saturday - Sunday afternoon/evening) Note: 16 June is our Dumpling Day
Tour Guide: Jason / Karen
Co-ordinator: Rimei
Transport: Mini-Bus / Bus with driver

As you note, the dates are still tentative and we are trying to accomodate the majority. Thus, would appreciate your assistance to revert to Rimei for her co-ordination on the dates that you are not available
. (check out your inbox for her contact) Lastly, you may also let her know on any special diet of yours, lobang on mini-buses or other ideas for the trip.

PS: The earlier you get back to her the earlier the date will be fixed, pls keep your emails going to her.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our 1st Kaya Roti Toast (Part 1)

This coming Saturday (31 Mar)we are going to toast bread @ SILRA. Guess this is our first time trying to pull-off this stunt.

For all out there reading this post, pls join us from 1pm. Note there was a change in timing. Now it's 1 pm @ SILRA, okie...

Dress Code: Kopi Sor Attire / Handsome boy with apron or alternative just carry a waistpouch..

hmm jus wonder whether we are able to see our infamous orange color puch which at 1 time our resident can easily guess the owner..hee..

For those who have been assisgned with the important task of making our very 1st toast time successful, pls escort your following (companions) to SILRA with pride and honor to the event ground...

Check out our Spready guy, Square lady in their joint-effort prodution. =) Not forgetting our toasties and eggies. This is proudly brought to you by our FM, Dir, EP.

Cheers to our Kopi-O tis Sat!!

See U @ SILRA - 1.00pm

Note: If you are thinking where's Part 2 of the Post, guess you have to wait for April's Fools Day. Y?? Bcos event is in another 4 days time, that's y..

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wat a week to go!!

Whao, there was many cars parking at SILRA yesterday, looks like a car showroom @ a moment instead of the normal SILRA look. As we step in, we realised that Michael had came with his church group friends for a game of Lotto. =) Of cos, some of our volunteers also contribute the "showroom" effect.

Yeah!! This means that we can sit down & relax. .Yippie!!

Well, not as in sit there and shake leg do nothing.. Wat I mean is that we normally will take a "backseat ride" when there are other volunteer groups carring out fun activities/befriending services with the residents. "Backseat ride" = We will also join together with the company of our residents in the activities, like for Lotto which we also enjoy as much as our residents, but letting the group "run" the show. We also understand that they also took their time off to be with our residents so we need to appreciate them as well.

Whao, we keep shouting for the numbers to be drawn out but guess luck was not with us yesterday. Of cos, there are bonus number from Michael for special prizes. Despite the luck, we keep cheering for the residents and crossing our fingers when a number is called. Wat a week to go, man!! Phew...

Guess the enjoyment in any activities carried out irregardless of which volunteer group is seeing the ear-to-ear smiles on our residents near-wrinkled faces.

Their smiles is our greastest satisfaction that we ever longed for each Saturday. =)

Friday, March 23, 2007

A moment of your time

This photo taken more than 1 year ago is a picture drawn by one of our residents, Uncle Lim Ah Lee. I learnt from him that he sat outside of SILRA Home to paint this out. Also, heard that he have done up a few pieces as some had requested the similar painting.

Uncle Lim took up painting when he was already in his fifties to occupy his time. Initially, he attended art classes to learn how to paint. Now, he learns and practices on his own. However, the simple action of gripping the paintbrush is not an easy task for him. Though fully cured now, Uncle Lim was diagnosed with Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) at the age of 11 and had lost his limbs in 1959. Through sheer perseverance, he has learned to position the brush between the stumps of his thumb and forefinger and apply pressure similar to that of a conventional grip.

Then, in 1993, he sold his first painting, a sunset, for $400 which motivated him to paint more as he felt that his paintings had no standard at that moment.

Bathing Elephants (Acrylic) - 1995

His works:-
- One of Uncle Lim’s pieces was made part of the Istana's permanent collection;
- Another was purchased by the former United States Ambassador to Singapore; and
- has even been displayed at the United Nations in New York for a month.

Uncle Lim is very “entertaining” like the rest of the residents. He likes to show us his painting collection and obtain feedback such as the color, layout. Without fail, it’s another 2 hours sharing with him on the “feel” of each painting. I do not know what is the difference in acrylic, oil, canvas painting but I do know that each piece have a story to tell, just like Uncle Lim.

I like sunflowers myself because they are large, bright and chirpy just like me, LARGE. =) Whenever I see sunflowers blooming I would always think about Uncle Lim, because there was a moment where he learning to paint them. I remembered that one of our volunteer bought him a stalk of sunflower as he mentioned in one of our Saturday afternoon talk that he had not seen one before. The smile that this volunteer had brought to him touches me. The scene is still so vivid whenever I reflect back.

A moment like this, when and who will come or bring?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekly Update - March 2007

Hi all,

hope you had a great weekend with your family and/or friends!!

We folks @ SILRA did so much fun last Saturday. We went out with 14 residents for a long stroll around the neighbourhood, the participation rate was good and of cos smiles was on each of our faces...Hmmm wat a great week!!

Well now back at work or study still looking forward to Saturday...Do you know why??

This Saturday (17 March) we are going FISHING!!! Yes, its fishing been so long since we had it...Of cos, with our "look-like" fishes in our man-made pond not really going out...still within '80 Buangkok View' compund..

Also its time to flex our biceps and triceps cos lots of pumping to be done to our "pond" Remember our exercise time is 2.30pm. Pls arrive on time. =)

To round-up month of March, we will be having Kaya-Bread toast on 31 Mar. Hmmm of cos we will try our best to toast the nicest bread at Buangkok View topped with our "cold storage" butter. The time to be around for "toasting" will be 2.00pm.

More updates!!!

Basic/IntermediateTraining @ NCSS (Presented by ESN) => 1 particular April Sunday*

Recruitment @ NVPC => 24 May (Thursday)

Dumpling Festival => 16 June (Saturday)

Volunteer Retreat => 1 particular July Saturday*

* Details to be released on later date


Lastly, if you have time you may wish to check out our CNY 2007 photos...yes the long-awaited photos finally out...