Monday, January 09, 2012

9 Jan 2012

Hi all Joy Gatherers,

Times flies, 2011 had ended and 2012 has approached.

Have you done your review for last year and set new goals for the new year ? A few of us had done a review for Joy Gathering and we will share our calendar with all of you soon. Last year, we lost about 6 elderlys, we still have 41 dear elderlys with us and they are are getting older each year. For the 41 dear ones, there is a no. of interesting events lined up to let them live their remaining journey as interesting and fulfilling as possible. All these events will not be able to roll out without all of us coming together as joy gatherers to serve them and befriend with them. Hence, this year, we hope to recruit as many new & committed volunteers as possible and hope to see more of you coming back whenever you are available. You got the hint ? keke....

For a start, we are going to have the Chinese New Year Celebration on this coming Saturday.

We are going to have lion dance performance, Caishen to give out Angbaos , our own Laohei , cozy Steamboat dinner as well as various performances by new volunteers and friends.

As we have to decorate the hall and prepare all the Laohei as well as steamboat ingredients, let's meet at 10am in Silra Home this coming Saturday. Please bring along ladie , shredder and netted scoop for the steamboat dinner. :-) & please wear Red , Pink or Orange bright Shirt. Please reserve your evening for us , too, as we are going to have our Volunteers' Reunion Dinner to start the Dragon Year.

The ICs for the day is as follows :

Laohei IC : Bee Kim
Kitchen IC : Malcom & Mak
Mkting IC : Liyu
Decoration IC : Zhi Yong & NUS team & Liyu
Game & Performance IC : CK & Wanyi
Lion Dance IC : Liyu
Logistic & AV IC : Stan & Jack
Programme : Jacee supported by Sock Hwee
Treasurer : Carol and Yanting
Table IC : Volunteers who turn up :-)

The Programme is as follows:
3pm : set up Steamboat dinners
3.15pm :invite elderly
3.45 pm : Lion Dance
4 pm : God of Fortune with a Volunteer , Soo Fern to distribute Ang Baos
4.10 pm onwards :
Dinner Starts
Guitar cum Singing by Wanyi & Team
Games by CK & Wanyi
Sitar performance by Wanyi's friends
Songs by all Volunteers
6.15pm : pack up
6.30 debrief
7 pm : Volunteers' Reunion Dinner

We hope to see you ya. cheerios

(Let's do little things with GREAT LOVE to start the New Year)

Warm Regards /
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group