Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getai Performance

Hi folks,

are you missing out anymore fun actitivites these few weeks in SILRA..I BET you are..These few weeks we are all so busy with the preparations on the upcoming "Getai" @ SILRA. Thinking of what to buy for auction, what is the 4-characters to use for auction items, do backdrop, practise dancing..

Where were you when we needed you most...*.*

We hope that you can join the residents together this coming Saturday (25 August) for the fun-filled event which we have prepared.. Our MC for the night will be Lawrence Junior & Yueping.

Things to note:

  • Please come in Blue T-shirt. No specific shade of blue, just blue.
  • Arrival Time: 1.30pm.
  • Also a BIG thank you to the following volunteers for their "participation" (ps: or was it being arrowed??) in advance...

Auction MC: Chan and Chua
Backdrop Designers – Zack and Jack
Auction Items Display & our 2 Long-time purchaser - Sophia, Shuyi and Carol
Game ICs – Bee Khim, Yanting and Yean Choo
Residents' Refreshment – Rimei and Veronica
MC of the Night...

Our Fun-Filled programe:

Time Event
5:00pm Dance Performance (SILRA Volunteers)
5.05pm Song Performance (SILRA caregiver)
5.15pm Auction - Part 1
5.35pm Game Session: Matching Game
5.50pm Song Performance (Junior Lawrence)
5.55pm Line dancing (TBC: Yueping)
6.00pm Auction – Part 2
6.20pm Guitar Performance (Shaorong & Friends)
6.35pm Singing (SILRA Volunteers)
6.45pm Home Sweet Home

See you @ SILRA 1.30pm ^.^

Friday, August 10, 2007