Monday, July 30, 2007

Salt Bottles-Limited Edition

Wow... Look at our enthusiastic elderly. We had very good response from the elderly on last Saturday. Thanks to Bee Kim who had called out for elderly to join us. Yeah...

Bravo to the elderly for making those colourful salt bottles. If you want to view those salt bottles, please make your way down to Silra Home on this Saturday. The elderly are waiting...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Salt Bottle Making - U Coming??

Hi all,

Last Saturday, we had a well-deserved learning experience from Lawrence on Hypertension. Hopefully, we are able to bring home those key takeways. =)

This Saturday we will be asking the residents to join us together to make salt bottle..

Yah you heard us correctly..make salt bottle...This is to promote hand-eye coordination for them..the following actions are required and we as volunteers can help to assist, join in the fun or alternatively act like "promoter" to encourage residents to participate...

As part of "promotion", we will be distributing medicated plasters for this month participants who managed to complete a bottle.

How to?? (A rough guide, IC: Shao Rong & Jack will explain -)

Logistics: Bottle, Table Salt, Colored Chalk, Plates, Paper (fold to make it act as filter) & Disposable Gloves

1) Place a small amount of salt on the plate (The amount will depend on usuage)

2) Wearing the gloves, roll a colored chalk on top of the salt to & fro. (You may encourage the residents to use palm for rolling action) Repeat for different color.

3) With the colored salt, pour it into the bottle varying with the color to form different designs. Note: the salt need to be packed firmly otherwise the design will be "distorted" upon shaking.

So are you ready for this??

On an ending note...volunteering or assistance to others is not only @ SILRA, it goes beyond to helping those who are around you within your means..

The small act of giving a balloon to a young girl next to Auntie Mui Kee whom you may not know her name. I'm sure it have brighten her day with all the big needles inserted to her body... pat on your shoulder.. (you know who lor)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally our Bingo Game..

Harlow folks,

Last weekend was pretty fun as we finally played Bingo. This time we use colorful Bingo cards with the 75-ball classic roller set..quite a pity not many residents have won..hee still left with the initial prizes..only left with 4 balls not open yet not many have won..

Anw for everyone benefit..there is a lot of variations of the game...(5 by 5 matrix)

1) Prize will be given for any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line formation. Ultimate goal is to cover all no. on the card.
2) Prize will be given for either one horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line formation. Ultimate goal is to cover all no. on the card.

Besides the difference in highlighted in bold, nothing much differ. Therefore means that Method 1, we will have to prepare for many prizes..please do a mental calculation..

Next week is our Food Festival, we will be having dessert soup..Red Bean with Lily Bubs. Sounds good then better be here to help serve the residents =)

See you at SILRA 2pm. =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another week have jus gone

Folks how are you all doing??

Another week have gone and we are starting our new week soon..also half a year have passed us just as well as we are still thinking of what we have not done. Time is precious..treasure it.

Last Saturday, we didn't managed to play Bingo as only 4 turn up for service at 2pm with another 4 joining at a much later time. This week we SHALL with our new playing card and Ginseng Tea...

In addition, please note that on 21 July we will be having our Food Festival and an sharing session about Hypertension from our dearest Lawrence. Stay tuned for more details.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Saturday

Hi all,

yesterday was a lazy afternoon..Everyone including the residents felt either tired or "no mood". Sigh...Such a wired feeling..wonder is it bcos of the climate warming. One of the volunteer was sharing this "As the temperature increase by 1 degree celsius, our activity level will decrease by half".

Another thing, is it bcos we had a break last week so we also loses the momentum?? Also realise that from last Saturday there is a repeat telecast of "Golden Pillow" on Channel 8, 3.30pm. All the residents seems like "hooked" onto the TV, no singing, less chit-chat...All their eyes are like glued..

Even when comes to the routine walk, not many residents was interested..only managed to get 8 residents..sigh business not good..


This coming Saturday (7 July) we intend to PLAY our all time favorite BINGO to boost up all of our morale!!

In addition, do wear "Green" if possible for support for the "Live Earth Concert"

So the rest of us, please make available (from 2pm onwards) if possible to boost up the enjoyment!!