Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Year of the Jumpy Rabbit

Hi All Silra Volunteers,

It is the Happy celebration of the year again. Do you know the zodiac sign of this year's animal? Yes, it is the year of Rabbit, cute and fluff. Want to know more about the story behind New Year or even the Zodiac sign help yourself to the Google search engine surely there are fantastic animations plus story line behind it.

Our elderly have grown to a ripe old age and they have experience a lot of hardship through life, although it is so but at the same time they get to know many loving and happy people who bring happiness to them. This year we are giving our elderly a special and heart warming celebration to them. I am sure every volunteers who is going to be present on that day will have lots of fun and laughter with our Ah Gone and Ah Ma. Spreading the joy of New Year in Silra Home and I hope that include people you meet out side J.

This year, we are doing something special - we are going to have homely steamboat dinner with the elderlys ....

The roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Mkting Gp : Sock Hwee, Yue Ping , Liyu plus a "guy"

- buy all the steam boat food.

- buy steam boat Gas

Chef gp : Yue Ping

Ø will make the Soup Base and side Dish.

Ø is also doing Long Gan and Sea Coconut.

Yusheng preparation gp : Bee Kim

- Any volunteers who come to silra home will help out in the yu shan making. Kindly remember to bring your peelers.

Logistic Gp :

- Stan will pick the side dish, the duck, from the stall.

- Stan/Jack will operate sound system.

- Stan handle Logistics , table arrangements (with help from Jack & others)

- CK, Ruifeng and small Lawrence handle Backdrop


Ø purchase the Beer, fruit punch and Tea.

Ø Utensils.

· All volunteers please bring soup Ladle & Net Ladle as well as peelers.

· CK will handle Fun and Games.

· God of Fortune will be act by NUS student.

· De Long / Jason will be photographers ( remember not to take volunteers and elderly who do not want to be taken)

· Lynette and NUS students will be MC for the day

· Sophia & Jacee need to distribute work for table volunteers and helpers a kitchen and Run around.

Ø will check if there is 8 steam boats

Lots of help are required in the preparation works & serving the elderlys....Please come back "Home" to re-union with the Silra folks if you have the time !

Meeting time : 11am

Ending time : around 7pm followed by Reunion Dinner by Joy Gathering at a "restaurant" to be determined by CK.

For more informations, kindly see attachments.

Lets do our best, on 22 Jan 2011 and enjoy as we volunteer. See all of you on that day, cheers.

Sophia & Jacee
On behalf of Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Monday, December 13, 2010

Annual Dong Zhi (winter solstice) festival at Silra

This blog will slowly come alive again ^.^.

Here is a message from us, kindly read the following ->

Hi everyone,

This Saturday (Dec 18) will be the annual Dong Zhi (winter solstice) festival at Silra.

And yes, we need extra hands (and mouths) from volunteers like you. Your small contributions can make a big impact to the lives of the old folks

So come this Saturday at 1230pm to churn out the many QQ dumplings!


Joy Gathering Volunteer Group