Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 23/09/2006

Started the celebration with the delicious dinner. Pineapple rice & banana leaf otah was served.

Before the celebration...
Jess teaching the volunteers to do balloon sculpture. Every elderly will get to have one. Look how Karen was excited with the balloons.

Got 2 guys to help with the pomelo cutting but need to teach them along. Shuyi, smart move!!

This year, we have a good number of external performers to volunteer to perform for the celebration. We have Tai Qi Quan, sword performance and song singing.
Our guest performers....

Yang Qin performance by Pei Song

Dance performed by the volunteers.

Singing Performance by volunteers.

The 'tikam" game

Outdoor activity

Saturday, September 16, 2006

One more week away......

Yes!!! 7 more days away from our next big festival celebration. That is Mid Autumn Festival Celebration. This year's celebration is being filled up with performances, games and outdoor lantern carrying outside the home. We will get our elderly to get out of Silra Home after the performance and games for a walk with the lantern. This is the 1st time that we will be doing such a walk. Hope the weather will be great for us to do so. Well, other than this interesting walk, we also have Rimei to cook a nice dinner for the elderly and the nice mooncakes bought by Carol & Shuyi. Heeding advice from the admin staff (Angie), the mooncake distributed will be a very small portion. 1/8 piece of a big baked mooncake (3 flavours) and 1/4 piece of a small snowskin mooncake.

SO... What are you waiting for?

Note down the date in your reminder or calendar.

Date: 23/09/06
Time: 4pm
Venue: Where else???

See you all next saturday!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

1 year anniversary

Time really flies. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of shifting to new Silra home. Few elderly came up to us and told us they have been at this new home for 1 year. It seems that they have shifted here not too long only, isn't it? There have been some changes throughout this one whole year. Other than quite a number of new volunteers who have joined Joy Gathering, there are also a few new elderly who had join Silra Home. There are even changes in the maids and nurse who have been taking care of the elderly.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kong Bak Bao

On courtesy of Mr & Mrs Chua, the elderly got to enjoy one of their favourite food. Of course, some volunteers enjoyed the delicious food despite the fat & oily meat. haha..
The buns & the pot of kong bak

Uncles & aunties busy eating their kong bak bao

Lets peek at the volunteers work.....

Today, we also have a group of uncles and aunties who came to sing for the elderly. This uncle even sing Indian song.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Paper Heart Folding & Outdoor Activity

Today is quite a busy day for both the volunteers and elderly.
As most of you are aware of the Singtel Touching Lives Fund 2006, the Fold-a-heart was introduced to the elderly today with Shaorong's "lobang". Elderly were to fold an origami heart using a special red advertisement in the Today newspaper and SingTel will donate a dollar for every folded heart received. In this way, we can get the elderly to help to raise funds in a way too.
Now in its fifth year, the SingTel Touching Lives Fund will support five children’s charities under the auspices of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). They are:
· APSN Tanglin School
· Autism Resource Centre – WeCan
· Fei Yue Community Services – eGen
· Singapore Children’s Society – Tinkle Friend
· Students Care Service

Let's take a look at the elderly and volunteers working hard at the Fold-A Heart Session.
Wow... our elderly & volunteers had folded this box of hearts. Hope this box of heart will bring them not only the funds, also the "heart" and "well wishes" from elderly & volunteers.
Hair Cut
While the elderly and some volunteers are busy folding papers for a good cause, Mr and Mrs Chua are also busy cutting hair for the elderly. They are getting more professional nowadays after years of practise.
Outdoor Activity
After dinner, we brought some elderly for a walk. We went around the IMH, Ren Ci Hospital, Econ Nursing Home and etc. Stopped by at an area with no access to vehicles for a short exercise and song singing.
Yoz... let's stop for a while for a break to let those at the back to catch up with us.
Yubing came with simple exercises to let them do some stretching exercises with stress ball & therabands.