Monday, November 21, 2011

21 Nov 2012

HI folks, for 26th Nov, mini-carnival, we have bought the gifts, preparing the food, renting the tables, preparing the games. So have u decided whether to come and join us in the fun and help out ? Cheers


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

16 Nov 2011

Dear Volunteers,
Did you have a busy week? Any plans for this weekend? :)
Why don't you join us, unwind, relax, spend sometime with our elderly at SILRA?
Though its a regular service this week, we hope to see you there.. at 230 pm.. we will have coffee tea session, befriending, Karaoke and maybe even a short walk in the park!

Everyone can be great because anyone can serve.
You don't have to have a college degree to serve.
You don't even have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve... You only need a heart full of grace.
A soul generated by love... - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
See you!

Regards / On behalf of
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Sunday, November 13, 2011

12 November 2011

Dear all, how is your sat ? Today, we are glad to have Angela, Cheryl, zhiyong, Zhiyong n gangs at Silra today. A pat for their shoulder for taking time to come. Man tat and ah Heng uncles sang a no. of songs, we did musical therapy and yoga too. Understand that you are busy n hope u have a good weekend. Hope to see you all one of these days at Silra. Next week we will be playing mass game, 26 Nov we are having a mini carnival, do come if you can. Cheers !

Sock Hwee
Joygathering Volunteer

Monday, October 17, 2011

Up coming event

Hi folks, What is coming up : 22 Oct, magician show at Silra, 5 Nov, our great chef , Malcom will be cooking something nice for our residents (too bad Mak can't make it), 26 Nov, we are going to have a mini- carnival.

Usual service is ongoing on other weekends, do try to come if you could k ?

Thanks Angela, Shuyi & Carol for turning up yesterday. Pat on your shoulder. cheers.

What's up for the volunteers ? We are planning for a walk on 26 October (most probably Sengkang reservoir ) morning , please revert if you are able to make it. cheers.

Details will be sent via emails...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

6th Aug 2011 Regular Service Resumes.. Come Join Us!


We had a great bonding session at Alohal Loyang last Saturday. Thank you all for attending the session.. and there must be a special mention to CK who took the effor to put the event together. ;) We appreciate your effort!
So we are back to regular service. Shall we all meet at 230 pm? We need some help in getting ready for the 13th Aug 2011 七月歌台 and 喊标 event!
See you folks then.. and  remember 13th Aug! Come join us. 

Regards / On behalf of XXXX
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Keeping Session - Sat - 21st May 2011

Dear all,
TGIF! And its the arrival of the weekend.
What plans do you guys have in mind?
Why not join us with the elderly this Sat - 21st May 2011 for an afternoon of House Keeping?
We will be helping our elderly clean up their lockers. This is an important exercise to ensure that they keep the lockers clean, tidy.. just incase we have expired cans of food or forgotten leftovers stored in their lockers from earlier celebrations.. :)
Our activity will start at 230 pm. We will do our usual Coffee Tea or Milo Session, House Keeping, Elderly Yoga and some KTV, etc.
Lastly, just a quick note to say - we are gathering volunteers for our annual Dumpling Festival!! So Friends & Family, those who know how to wrap a nice rice dumpling, we WANT YOU.. Those who do not know, we LOVE TO HAVE YOU too.. :) We will have Dumpling Masters that day to coach you to wrap these tasty Dumplings. More details will be released later but mark your calendar for 4th June 2011!
See you folks on Sat!
Regards / On behalf of XXXX
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group
We are glad to keep you updated of our events @ SILRA. Just click onto our blog or our event calendar to find out more.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giant on the 26 March 2011

- Yi Xuan: At attention service for the whole group of volunteers marching up to the bus :).
-The papaya girls :), showing their pose to the camera :D.

-Jacee is doing the "No body ...Nobody but you hand sign :). Or does she wants others to see her palm lines....any one want to try to palm read ?! he.he..

- Granny aunty is saying :" Hurry up ! I can't wait to reach to our destination...even my granny old legs can run faster than this slow couch. >.<
-Si Xuan: Is looking at aunty, in her mind she said:"Wah ! Next time when I am old will I look like you or worse ?! Better put more day and night cream.
-Aunty look back:" What are you looking at !!! Never see such beautiful woman before ar ?! HUH.

-Granny aunty:" Can the camera see my six pack if not see my micky mose muscles on my arm....I look strong right ! :)

-Hardworking CK is bringing the wheel chair down from the bus to the ground. In Pink Shu Ee is playing you see my hands and now you can't see as I can putting my hands to sophia's stomarch :P.

-Line-by-line, we are air hosters and air hosteresses. We are going up to the air plane to serve our customers whom are our elderly.

- 20 dollards of vochers for our elder to spend on whatever they wise to buy.
-Granny aunty :"Wow !!! So much cash...(didn't know it's vouchure) can go buy branded wheel chair wor so can speed up like the movie <>.

-What are you looking at pal...never see old and hansome unlce before ah... here take my tea stirer. And keep it..some day I'll be famouse and you can bring the stirer back to me for claiming a free autograph.
-What a friendly look a like of old and young brothers :).

-Tack Ee:"He..he..I got extra voucher to buy black man tooth my teeth will be clean and white so girls will love them :).
-Lady in red: " Ya right ! You need to go to the gym also."

-Those were the Pau lovers... not together but because of the delious pau they are here to take a good pictures:). Way to go CK to attract girls

-Groups and groups of volunteers and elderly siting down to have our dia sum lunch :).

-Elderly waiting for going for lunch :).

This is our Giant Outing Event Group photo. We have lots of fun and is a good way to bond with our friendly and lovely elderlys. Come down to join us at Silra Home in Singapore :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kaya Loti 9 April 2011

- Look at us we are "Toats !!!"

-A New comer meeting, on what is our day's activities.

-Today we are having Kaya Loti for our elderly. Say hello to our Man in Red, a nice guy next door :).

-Busy ...busy..with the dressing up with our Toated bread :D.

-New comers and Yi Yuan is BBQing the bread ha.ha.. and half polishing the bread's with kaya.

-Ray Feng is a wonderful music master.....when he plays the Yang Sing...our ear hurts...just kidding :P

-What a lovely couple......stop posing for the camera and work ....elderlies are hungry.

-Oh look, she is giving the bread a shifty massage :D.

-Ingredians which clamp between the two cusions and where will they landed the stomarch of course !! =D

- Cut cut chop chop very hard working, wonder if there are any lovely shape being cut out of the normal bread.

-Pei Song uncle is teaching the new comer on how to bake the best bread it town, which you can smell the baking of bread from a far.

-All time singing contest will be won by this lovely lady here, as her good singing have won the claps of our elderly.

-Execrise time, up down up down, left right left right. Move your msucles grandpa and grandma. It will do good for your hands and legs.
-While the elderlys are doing their execrises, the volunteers are doing the toating of bread and sadines :)..yummy.

-Triangular shape.....will try doing different shape next time :)

-These are the kayas we use..simple but tasty :)

- shake your bottoms and shake your hips and will be even better if viewers can hear what songs they have :)
-Friendly bunch of friends coming together to volunteer.
-Adidas forever about "Money is GOD"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

23 April 2011 Activities

Hi all,

How have you been ?

Last week we had a good yoga cum singing cum strolling session with the Silra residents

It was very cozy and all of us enjoyed it.

We are going to start off a wheelchair cleaning cum maintainence project for the elderlys. We hope to let them sit on a good condition wheelchair as they are sitting on them most of time.

We are going to start it this coming Saturday. If you could make it, do come at 2pm sharp ... Stan, Jack & Desmond will be leading the project... do come to support if you are available !

We will also be playing table games with the elderly if we have enough volunteers on Saturdays.


Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

-Say cheezes ladies for your pretty post.
-CK:" I have some tricks up my sleeves, just you wait and see."
-Bernald:" come look at my watch, it's new."

-Aunty:"'s too shiny, got diamons on it, is it."

-Ra Fong:"At home I also didn't do cooking, come here have to do so many preparations. Lucky can learn from them how to do cooking.
-Yi Xuan:" Just by smelling can even make you fat so must go slimming to keep fit after eating :)."

-Mak Bro. :" I am the only 1 in white so it make me chef of the day. My position is MAN IN WHITE, so...any dishes can call upon me. My skill are quick and sharp, no wasting of food on my tables or i will charge you by pieces.
-Been Kim:" You doesn't looks like man in white but we 2 looks more like Singapore Flag LOL, except no stars and moon.

-Mak Bro. :" Who say don't have....every day I cut myself after shaving on my face, got lots of stars wor. And bee kim you got moon dimpers lor.
-Guang Shan:" So hot in this an oven.
-Girl:" God of fortune is giving out free gold sweat...:P

- The lion dance is awsome and it display lion moves.
- Small Lion:" Very tire bro. we have been dancing for many long hours since days ago, can we take this time to rest.
-Big Lion: " No way so many oranges to eat, i got lots of vitiam C and it help me to keep on moving like energizer.

- Jason:" Rock my babe !" (Sings like the King)

-Jason's Fans:"Encall...encall"

-Helpers:" Jason is singing for me and not you"
-Second helper:" How sweet... he sing so bravely...."
-posting helper:" (thinking) Ha.ha..I am the 1 who got to date jason ha.ha.. none of you got the chance.

-Li Yu:" It's makan time for everybody."
-Cheers for a better year ahead and chong until the end of time :)
-Jacee:" here come food for the hungry souls"
-Chop sticks fight !

- Golden Boy and Jade Girl happily doing a food post.
-CK(In red) :" Uncle want to strike big a not? If so answer the correct Answers".
-Uncle:"Yes of coures ! want to buy new fake hair to show off to all the Old ladies here to see how young I am "
-Ck: " What do you think aunty?! about that big talk."
-Aunty:" What big talk ! I need to buy hearing aid. Pretty Ah boy I can only hear you talk wor XP"
-Ck:" which number do you want uncle?" -uncle holder red packet:" So..many number, any one will do fine so long they have good prizes." After choosing...uncle turn away...Wah Law !!! hope I don't dream of traffic lights count down .......better still, dream of 4D so it is HAW TIME.
-Eve and Ra Fong :" come and guess the picture and get free medicated plasters.
-uncle in black and white shirt:" Wah !! Referee also got prizes so good, this must be my lucky shirt. Should wear it for ages".

-CK is asking: "Ah Po do you want to sing the latest Hip and Rock chinese new year songs" :D.
-Ah Po tell CK: "You make for me a sets of teeths and shoes. I will not only sing but also dance hip-hop for you all to see !"
-Ah Boy:" uncle here is a red pack for you, hold it tied".
-Uncle in blue: " Don't play play! You think I can't see, you give empty red packet.Think i don't know ah....... wait.... let me feel it with my fingers" (leave up 1 eye lid...doing peeping).
-God of Fortune:" Wah...lucky best...I feel so heavy, too much bundle of cash and packets of coins in my many packets. Next time tell the old folks to carry credit card reader so i just bring Fortune credit cards will do :P"

- Nus Students helping out by giving the old folks some good old chinese new year songs :).
-Karen and new friend have prepare some delicious dessert for old folks. Any extras we volunteers can grab some to satify our tast buds.
-3 golden dessert beauties, posting for the handsome camera man XD.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Soup Day on 8 Jan 2011

==>Stan and CK was doing their all time favourit songs, singing for our elderly. Our elderly was haveing their 4 O'clock dinner and opening their ears for CK and Mrs chua good singing. :)

==> Way to go CK, Stan and Mrs to hear more our regulars come up and sing.

==> Our elderly are enjoying themselves, the food were great and soup were supperb. They must be talking among themselves saying such good food is feed for the kings and queens :>.

==>How come little lawrance only took photos of my legs...??? Was my legs slim and nice but how to see....when I it is hinding under my pant ha.ha.. .

==>Cherly have a good voice and she sung beautifully infront of our elderly and behind our back...mind you !... is because half the strenght of volunteers are in the kitchen helping with the day's dishes ^_~ .

==>Help ! Help ! Does anybody who is teaching in singing, please give me singing tuition...ha.ha.. I can't sing very well ... only can la-la-by along.

==> Mrs Chua and Hua Thang can enter into the Huang Jin Nian Hua show to compete for a King of singing hill or Queen of the singing hill. Mrs Chua can sing a high notes and Hua Thang can sing the popular oldies.

==> Mark Bro. is encouraging our elderly to come up to do a dance. But our elderly is too shine to do so. :)

==> We have mouth watering season sesame chicken wings, delicious egg tou fu with fish paste. And our star of the day...Lutus Root Soup.

==> Our chief cook of the day is our Mark Bro. and of course the rest of the volunteers. Thank you all volunteers for making this soup day a success ^O^.

==> How I wish I have tasted it but all was finish up by our elderly ha.ha.. :D

==>We do the cutting of Lutus Roots, wasging of chicken wings, smash of egg tou fu and fish paste, peering of chestnut and cooking of the soup.

==>The smell was so good that you can smell it from outside of the kitchen :)

==> We set down to have our lunch together, chit chatting among ourselves, the day's bonding session :)

==>We share the Bai ku Tay vegetarian soup, yummy :>

==> Serving of 1 dish by 1 dish of soup and ready season chicken wings and tou fu. Those who was not present on that day sure misses out on the making of this delicious dish. Want to know how it is being cook come down to silra :D. Our doors are always open to you.

==> Many hands are at works, see if you can guess who have done which food :)

==>Our dear Yi Yuan if doing a hip hop infornt of our food ha.ha..

==> More singing and we have our VIP guess for that day. Who is she ..... she is EVE our long lost silra volunteer.

==> Too much carbo....@_@;; . Not for me to eat lor... I want to be slim ! slim ! Not go side ways ha.ha.. :P

==> Our Evening walk round the IMH, that is the whether is on our side so we have a very windy and bright day to go for a stroll :)

==>Earth to Lawrance... kindly make me thine and not go side ways... :( . I can't reconige myself already he.he.. :P

==> Elderly is have a good work out at our stopping point. Ah Ba is having lots of fun too :)

==>Oh yes ! We have our pretty lady cerol, she wore a pretty dress and a high boost on that saturday. She out shine all of us :) . Jacees is the doing her Ar-go-go execrise, look at her...way to go Jacees :)

==> Humans go 2 by 2, oh look at these photo. There are 4 ballet dancing. Lets following..1...up ...2 down...3 up...4 down..