Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Human Birthday Celebration 人日庆祝活动

How's collecting of Red Packets this year?? any increase in the money receive since last year was quite a good year... well jus read an article today that we can use this opportunity to teach our younger generation such as our children, nephews or nieces on savings. Quite interesting rite...

Well, do you know that this year "Ren Ri" happens to fall on Saturday??

By the way, anyone age is 25?? well, do you know that you are a quarter of a century old?? Have you ever wondered how it is like to be a century old??

Well well, your chance to meet our century lady shall not be missed!! We are arranging to celebrate our Century-old Lady's (Auntie Bee Neo) birthday on this special day. Yes, you are not reading things...yes it century (100 years old) so do not miss this chance to join us in eating "Peach Buns" 寿桃 and singing birthday song aloud...

In addition, we will have a small new year gathering after Saturday service for tossing of new year

Join us for the fun this Saturday!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dawn of New Year

This festive period is a time of reunion for the family. It’s a time of feasting and ushering in good luck and prosperity for the whole year. This is also a good time to mingle with our friends in places like Chinatown, where we stock up on festive goodies and new clothes.

Yes, did I say feasting?? Jus imagine pineapple tarts or biscuits (whether you like your pineapple jam facing you or hidden inside it still taste as nice ever), barbeque meat, cocktail prawn rolls, steamboat and yes, more food. Ooh... any1 drooling... (Think this is the only festive where you can really “pig” out and hold all your slimming plans.)

Family members will start with cleaning their homes, and this has a symbolic meaning. Read on for some practices, customs and beliefs we Chinese believe in during this festive period.

Why Spring-Clean?
Spring-cleaning is a common tradition that families carry out days before the Chinese New Year celebrations. Bringing in the New Year and expelling the old (除旧迎新,好运来). Chinese believe you can sweep away bad luck and make the home ready for good luck to arrive. During Chinese New Year, all brooms and dustpans are put away so that good luck will not be swept away but will stay within the household.

Practically, this is the best time to get rid of useless things in the home. To get into festive mood, homes are decorated with red and gold paper cut-outs of auspicious Chinese phrases and couplets that signify wealth, happiness, peace and longevity.

CNY Do’s and Don’ts
Dressing up in red on the first day of Chinese New Year is encouraged. But there are many other interesting taboos and superstitions. While they may be thought of as old wives’ tales, they were probably thought up in spirit of ensuring that people enjoy a harmonious and happy start to the year. So, disregard them at your own peril.

No sweeping – Sweeping and dusting should not be done during the first few days of the New Year for fear that good fortune will be swept away.

Open up – At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, you should open every door and window at home to let the old year out.

Settle all debts – All debts should be paid before the New Year and nothing should be lent out on the first day because it is believed that it will set the precedence for the coming year.

No vulgarities – Refrain from using foul language and unlucky words like ‘si’ (which means ‘four’ in mandarin) because it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘death’. Death, dying and ghost stories are also taboos.

No washing – You’re not supposed to wash your hair on New Year’s Day because it means you are washing away the good luck for the New Year.

Red only – Red clothing is preferred for this festive occasion because it’s considered an auspicious color. That is why children and singles are given Hong Baos, which are envelopes stuffed with crisp bills in even numbers, for good fortune. (鸿运当头)

No sharp objects – Never use knives or forks on New Year’s Day because, if you do, you are said to be cutting away your fortune.

On behalf of the Group, here's wishing you and your family

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chinese New Year Celebration (Our Actual Day)

Time really flies. This is the 2nd time that we celebrated CNY @ the new home. Fortunately, Heaven was on our side for not raining. Otherwise, the elderly would have to celebrate CNY with the leaking rooftop. Volunteers would have to walk different ways to escape from the rain. Does this remind us of the old home when we have to walk different ways to escape the leaking rooftop once it rains? :)

CNY - is a festival that both elderly and volunteers had been looking forward to. This is the time when volunteers will brainstorm for ideas for games, performances and celebrations. The organising committee lead by Yean Choo had started planning and shooting "arrows" months ago. We thank the committee for the big success of the celebration. Last but not least, we would like to express thanks to the performers and the volunteers. Without you, the elderly would not be able to enjoy so much.

Here goes the celebration.....
Things were going very smoothly with the "factory production" line going on for the stuff to be shredded and cut- from big radish to the small ginger for the Loi Hei (Some of us "arrived" as early as 11.30am to prepare)
After that, volunteers take a short break by helping ourselves to the balance of the buffet lunch proudly sponsored by Wee Guan Construction Pte Ltd. Their staff had arrived as early as 8am to do spring cleaning for the elderly. Thanks to them for cleaning up the place for elderly. In addition to food and their "sweat" our residents were also treated with games, singing performances and Ang Pows. Their singers were young, pretty and fantastic.

After lunch, more help arrived, glad that all on time. Good Job every1.
Our archery lady (YC) distribute the work to be done out to all of us such as, to prepare for the games, wrap the prizes, prepare for the backdrop, some went back to kitchen to prepare the other ingredients for the Loi Hei and some of course busy rehearsing for their performances.

Here are the final product of the Loi Hei.. Look professional, right? Yeah you name it got colors and taste okie...haha..

Catch "The Birdies (Hip-hop)" in their short video clip
Not forgetting our Lion Dance Troop. Great thanks to Tommy for his kindness to our CNY celebration. They had been doing this for few years. Also, they are the ones who came and did the lion dance on our shifting day. Remember??

Nice singing by Tang Chan Ren

Loi Hei Time.... (our residents' representative, caregivers and volunteers together tossing for the CNY)

Games Session-Time for elderly to win prizes

Song Performances (Yi Ling and Hui Ping)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The countdown for our big BASH~ 3 more days!!

Harlow folks,

Its another 3 more days to our Group 1st festival celebration @ SILRA. Also, its the day you can see RED at SILRA Home. Pls pls, cos we will be dressed in RED okie...dun think too much..remember to wear red hor...thank you...=)

Even thou our event starts from 4pm, our normal activites will still continue...actually even earlier as we have to prepare our Yu Sheng...

Some things to take note:

1. Help needed to shred carrot, radish, kaffir lime leaves and ginger etc for our Yu Sheng. Thus, if you can please reach Silra by 11am "armed" with vegetable shredder if you have. (pls contact Rimei);

2. Otherwise, pls arrive by 2.30pm for the singing practice as we have a song to perform;

3. Pls do not escape the "clearing of voice session" as we need also help to trim the BBQ meat and arrange snacks for platter. (pls contact Seok Yee), timing about 2.30pm as well.

3. If you have long chopsticks (those used for deep-frying type??), please bring it along as we need it for the "Lo Hei";

4. Refreshments will be provided thus if you are buying any out of goodwill, pls do not buy too much as..

5. we will be having our Volunteers' Reunion Dinner after the session, pls keep your evening & stomach "empty" for us.

If you are able to join us in the evening due to work or lessons, pls contact Seok Yee or Rimei for our exact location...(If you are in tuned with them, you might be able to guess their 1st choice venue)