About Us

Founded in 1994, Joy Gathering is a group of volunteers who serve the elderly staying at SILRA Home.

Vision 愿景

Every SILRA Home resident lives the remaining journey of his/her life filled with care, concern, warmth and love.

SILRA Home的每个老人都能得到温暖的关怀和爱

Mission 使命

To be a purpose oriented and highly cohesive volunteer group which meets the physical, mental and emotional needs of each resident of SILRA Home.

建立一个目标正确;凝聚力强的义工团。努力达到SILRA Home老人在生理上,心理上,精神上 的需求。

Core Values 核心价值

A. Compassion 关怀
Our paramount concern is the welfare and well being of SILRA Home residents.

We strive to:
-empathize with SILRA Home residents; and do our best to help alleviate their suffering.
-value and care for every individual resident, being sensitive and attentive to their needs in a timely and appropriate manner.
- build a strong rapport and bond with the residents equivalent to that of family members without being excessively ‘enmeshed’ that it affects our motivation to serve other residents without favouritism.


B. Respect 尊重

We strive to:
-treat every individual, whether residents or fellow volunteers, with sensitivity, consideration and respect, recognize and accept each others’ differences, strengths and weaknesses.
-provide each other with the personal space and time to discover one’s own potential and purpose in life.


C. Harmony 和谐

We strive to:
-look beyond oneself and work in partnership with fellow volunteers;
-be encouraging, supportive and cordial in our thoughts, speech and actions so as to bring volunteers together;
-build trust through openness and goodwill within an environment of mutual sharing and growth.

-在思想上,言语上,行动上诚恳的去欣赏,鼓励和团结其他义工 在开放和和睦的环境中一起分享和成长,建立互信

Find out more about us from the Joy Gathering Volunteer Handbook!

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