Sunday, May 27, 2012

Air Port Terminal 3 on 26 May 2012

- Yap ! Here we have our elderly in the Changi Aviation Gallery to watch the air planes take off and land. Our elderly is very happy to be there at our very own Singapore Airport Terminal 3 :D

-A very kind photographer, volunteer himself to take our photos. Taking good photos are not easy, and it requires a lot of hard work. So thank you for your help :D

-We start off the briefing for volunteers, before we pair up the volunteers with silra elderly. Thank you all for waking up early and contributed your precious time to bring the elderly out for a walk :).

-Our elderly have slight difficulties in boarding the bus on their own, but fear not we are there to help them out. Step by step we support and assist them to board the bus.

-Lots of chit chatting on the journey towards Terminal 3.
-Some elderly walk together with volunteers side by side, others on wheel chairs. All elderly and volunteers are excited and happy to be there. This is the first time our elderly have came to the Singapore airport so they are wandering around with great delight.

-Our dear volunteer Stan have brought food, as and when, to share with elderly and volunteers at no charge. So generous of him :). This come at the right time for our volunteers, specially for those who have not taken their breakfast, way to go Stan ! :D

-After viewing at the gallery, we proceed to the basement 2 for shopping and lunch. As the whole area is airconditioned, you see that everybody is in high spirit, enjoying the cool air :P. During our shopping tour, the elderly brought themselves some food from the supermarket.

- Later part of the day, we even brought our elderly for the sky train ride and they quite enjoy it :).

-'s time to go home and we all said good bye to Airport Terminal 3:D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fish Porridge

We have our Fish porridge in the making last saturday on the 12 may 2012, at the same time our volunteer Bee Kim have contribute us a set of culteries, New knifes for our cutting of meat & fish, and 3 types of varies size of cutting board.
We done all silra volunteers and NUS stadents :)

On Our Way to the Air-Port :D

Hello Volunteers,

Hope you had a blessed week ;)

We would like to welcome you to SILRA Home this weekend. Its our regular session but do join us for a session of coffee, tea, ktv and chit chat session with the elderly?

The next programme lined up is for 26th May. We are bringing the elderly to the AIRPORT - Terminal 3. We shall start the day at 830 am and reach the airport by 945 am. Its a day where we will bring them to the Aviation Gallery, followed by shopping at the Airport Mall and lastly, joining us for lunch at the Kopitiam Food Court.

Would you like to be part of the fun and the laughter which we will bring to the elderly? If so, do sign up! Kindly reply to We have now 19 volunteers but will need another 5/6 more.

Hear from you and GREAT Weekend ahead.

Regards / On behalf of

Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Sunday, May 06, 2012

5 May 2012

Hi joy gatherers , how is ur day ? We have 7 volunteers today . Not too bad - we had a gd chit chatting , karaoke n musical therapy session . Next wk , we ll have cooking fish porridge , c ya in the kitchen at 12pm . :) Malcom ll buy the fishes n bee Kim will take care of the vegie . Cheers .

2 May 2012

Yo joy gatherers , this sat we will still go ahead w our service in Silra , pls come if u could . We ll b playing mass game if there are enough people , we are meeting at 2.30pm. 12 may , we are cooking porridge , need lots of help according to past experience coz we are serving 1 bowl by 1 bowl , cooking the fish only during serving - our hands were stiff after that because we (all gals team ) had no guys to help us the other time . Pls mark that day in your calendars n come help us k ? Thanks n c yah this sat n next sat ! Cheers


We need to start to brainstorm our performances f 七月歌台soon, this year - lets do something special and leave a deep memory like Stan's SHE and Jason's 脱掉。 哈哈哈!!!