Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Keeping Session - Sat - 21st May 2011

Dear all,
TGIF! And its the arrival of the weekend.
What plans do you guys have in mind?
Why not join us with the elderly this Sat - 21st May 2011 for an afternoon of House Keeping?
We will be helping our elderly clean up their lockers. This is an important exercise to ensure that they keep the lockers clean, tidy.. just incase we have expired cans of food or forgotten leftovers stored in their lockers from earlier celebrations.. :)
Our activity will start at 230 pm. We will do our usual Coffee Tea or Milo Session, House Keeping, Elderly Yoga and some KTV, etc.
Lastly, just a quick note to say - we are gathering volunteers for our annual Dumpling Festival!! So Friends & Family, those who know how to wrap a nice rice dumpling, we WANT YOU.. Those who do not know, we LOVE TO HAVE YOU too.. :) We will have Dumpling Masters that day to coach you to wrap these tasty Dumplings. More details will be released later but mark your calendar for 4th June 2011!
See you folks on Sat!
Regards / On behalf of XXXX
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group
We are glad to keep you updated of our events @ SILRA. Just click onto our blog or our event calendar to find out more.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giant on the 26 March 2011

- Yi Xuan: At attention service for the whole group of volunteers marching up to the bus :).
-The papaya girls :), showing their pose to the camera :D.

-Jacee is doing the "No body ...Nobody but you hand sign :). Or does she wants others to see her palm lines....any one want to try to palm read ?! he.he..

- Granny aunty is saying :" Hurry up ! I can't wait to reach to our destination...even my granny old legs can run faster than this slow couch. >.<
-Si Xuan: Is looking at aunty, in her mind she said:"Wah ! Next time when I am old will I look like you or worse ?! Better put more day and night cream.
-Aunty look back:" What are you looking at !!! Never see such beautiful woman before ar ?! HUH.

-Granny aunty:" Can the camera see my six pack if not see my micky mose muscles on my arm....I look strong right ! :)

-Hardworking CK is bringing the wheel chair down from the bus to the ground. In Pink Shu Ee is playing you see my hands and now you can't see as I can putting my hands to sophia's stomarch :P.

-Line-by-line, we are air hosters and air hosteresses. We are going up to the air plane to serve our customers whom are our elderly.

- 20 dollards of vochers for our elder to spend on whatever they wise to buy.
-Granny aunty :"Wow !!! So much cash...(didn't know it's vouchure) can go buy branded wheel chair wor so can speed up like the movie <>.

-What are you looking at pal...never see old and hansome unlce before ah... here take my tea stirer. And keep it..some day I'll be famouse and you can bring the stirer back to me for claiming a free autograph.
-What a friendly look a like of old and young brothers :).

-Tack Ee:"He..he..I got extra voucher to buy black man tooth my teeth will be clean and white so girls will love them :).
-Lady in red: " Ya right ! You need to go to the gym also."

-Those were the Pau lovers... not together but because of the delious pau they are here to take a good pictures:). Way to go CK to attract girls

-Groups and groups of volunteers and elderly siting down to have our dia sum lunch :).

-Elderly waiting for going for lunch :).

This is our Giant Outing Event Group photo. We have lots of fun and is a good way to bond with our friendly and lovely elderlys. Come down to join us at Silra Home in Singapore :D