Friday, January 14, 2011

Soup Day on 8 Jan 2011

==>Stan and CK was doing their all time favourit songs, singing for our elderly. Our elderly was haveing their 4 O'clock dinner and opening their ears for CK and Mrs chua good singing. :)

==> Way to go CK, Stan and Mrs to hear more our regulars come up and sing.

==> Our elderly are enjoying themselves, the food were great and soup were supperb. They must be talking among themselves saying such good food is feed for the kings and queens :>.

==>How come little lawrance only took photos of my legs...??? Was my legs slim and nice but how to see....when I it is hinding under my pant ha.ha.. .

==>Cherly have a good voice and she sung beautifully infront of our elderly and behind our back...mind you !... is because half the strenght of volunteers are in the kitchen helping with the day's dishes ^_~ .

==>Help ! Help ! Does anybody who is teaching in singing, please give me singing tuition...ha.ha.. I can't sing very well ... only can la-la-by along.

==> Mrs Chua and Hua Thang can enter into the Huang Jin Nian Hua show to compete for a King of singing hill or Queen of the singing hill. Mrs Chua can sing a high notes and Hua Thang can sing the popular oldies.

==> Mark Bro. is encouraging our elderly to come up to do a dance. But our elderly is too shine to do so. :)

==> We have mouth watering season sesame chicken wings, delicious egg tou fu with fish paste. And our star of the day...Lutus Root Soup.

==> Our chief cook of the day is our Mark Bro. and of course the rest of the volunteers. Thank you all volunteers for making this soup day a success ^O^.

==> How I wish I have tasted it but all was finish up by our elderly ha.ha.. :D

==>We do the cutting of Lutus Roots, wasging of chicken wings, smash of egg tou fu and fish paste, peering of chestnut and cooking of the soup.

==>The smell was so good that you can smell it from outside of the kitchen :)

==> We set down to have our lunch together, chit chatting among ourselves, the day's bonding session :)

==>We share the Bai ku Tay vegetarian soup, yummy :>

==> Serving of 1 dish by 1 dish of soup and ready season chicken wings and tou fu. Those who was not present on that day sure misses out on the making of this delicious dish. Want to know how it is being cook come down to silra :D. Our doors are always open to you.

==> Many hands are at works, see if you can guess who have done which food :)

==>Our dear Yi Yuan if doing a hip hop infornt of our food ha.ha..

==> More singing and we have our VIP guess for that day. Who is she ..... she is EVE our long lost silra volunteer.

==> Too much carbo....@_@;; . Not for me to eat lor... I want to be slim ! slim ! Not go side ways ha.ha.. :P

==> Our Evening walk round the IMH, that is the whether is on our side so we have a very windy and bright day to go for a stroll :)

==>Earth to Lawrance... kindly make me thine and not go side ways... :( . I can't reconige myself already he.he.. :P

==> Elderly is have a good work out at our stopping point. Ah Ba is having lots of fun too :)

==>Oh yes ! We have our pretty lady cerol, she wore a pretty dress and a high boost on that saturday. She out shine all of us :) . Jacees is the doing her Ar-go-go execrise, look at her...way to go Jacees :)

==> Humans go 2 by 2, oh look at these photo. There are 4 ballet dancing. Lets following..1...up ...2 down...3 up...4 down..