Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 April 2012 Volunteer For This Saturday

Hello All,

The weekend is coming and the elderly look forward to meeting you this Sat again!

It wil be the regular session so lets assemble at 230 pm!

We will have our coffee and tea session, befriending, KTV and go for a stroll there after.

In addition, there will be a group coming at 3pm. Let us extend our graciousness in welcoming them, and together offering our weekly service to our Silra residents.


Regards / On behalf of Chun Keong
Joy Gathering Volunteer Group

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After Outing 24 April 2012

Folks , after the bonding session at Ubin , this coming Sat we are having the usual activities . Let's meet at 2.30pm in Silra ! Last wk , there were 8 newer volunteers , we manage to push the elderly out for a walk . Coming sat , hope to are more of u yah ! Cheers ...

Pula Ubin Outing 21 April 2012

Folks , c ya tomorow at changi village at 8am , 1st coffee shop nearer to the hotel ... If cant find , call one another. Cheers