Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Fun Saturday

Hi folks,

were you feeling down because you can't join us for the fishing game..oh we had so much fun not catching fishes but checking whether we got any winning number....hmm you mean its a new game??

Nope we had our usual game, BINGO...together with a group of RI boyz who came down and they also made italian pizza with our residents. Our residents enjoyed it that some of them had second round...Do you know that topping is of your like more chicken you'll get good..where to find such good service.

Great thanks to the Boyz for their time in coming SILRA to share with our residents...also thanks to our them and our residents that our volunteers also managed to catch a bite of RI pizza as well after dinner is served.

Yesterday weather was sunny and raining which we tot we couldn't bring our residents out for walk. Thankfully, the rain stop abt 5 plus and we brought them out to exercise and sing-a-long by our "small" lawrence and pei hua with our new song book done by the team.

Keep up the good work...

Next week (2 June), we shall have our fishing game if manpower allowed. As such, do come down @ 2pm to help us set up the stall okie..many thanks in advance.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hi hi folks,

What a Saturday we had yesterday!! Finally, there are still soup left in the pot after serving the residents 2 times. Yeah!!

Great thanks to all who came early to do the "dirty" job like washing, peeling and cutting. Hope you all had fun in the kitchen... oso thanks to Mak Gor for answering our paging..Hee.. Also, for those who are still helping at the last moment for clearing. GREAT JOB!!

hmmm next month 16 June is our Dumpling Festival so its time to get our hands "dirty" one more time... but this time round, we hope that it can be our 1st ever "official" family day..meaning...bring along either your family member(s) or friends to join us to wrap dumpling..

Check out archive blogs for dumpling festival 2006 with cute pictures of our volunteers dressed up as ingredients of rice dumpling and dragon boat...

Also not to worry we hope that this year we will also have volunteer's mummy, daddy, aunties, sisters and friends join us to guide the "young" ones how to wrap this year is revision time again...Remember to mark your calendar and bring them down once more...

But before that...lets look forward to the coming week - FISHING GAME... do be here ontime @ 2pm to set the fishing stall oso some will need to assist to do exercise at 2nd and 3rd level..

Okie dokie?? Thank YOU & So C ya then...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

We are over 20...

Hi all,

Yesterday for a long time our no of volunteers turned up for yesterday service is over 20 pax..tis is remarkable feat (ps: thou can't enter into guinness world record, hee)

Well definitely, the count goes to our new friends who joined us like, Lawrence (aka Xiao Lawrence), Shu Zhen or Suzanne (aka Xiao Suzanne), Mei Chuen (aka Mei), Steven (the one with good memory, rem??). Without them adding to the count, we may not pull out the feat off.

Yesterday was the day that "arrow" was shot to one of our new friends in sharing with us her experience in wheelchair handling. Well, guess we are just trying to be friendly....

This week was pretty interesting, as some of us went to visit Samantha & Kok Leng's princess Grace on Labor Day. Grace is almost full month less 1 day (actual: 2 May) So sweet and demure..Papa Kok Leng look tired but surely he is enjoying this whole process. Check out Mummy Samantha..hmmm where's Kok Leng??

**Princess Grace @ 2 days old **

** Mummy Samantha & Grace @ 1 month old (less 1 day)**

Our next star during the full month visit, Ms Chia Shi Yi...

In addition, some of us got to see "Spidy" in action..hmmm all that about changing color red/blue to black and back again..I tot was spider not chameleon?? Hmm. spidy fans, no offense okie..