Monday, January 06, 2014

19 Oct 2013 Mini BBQ in Silra Home

Joygatherers were having a mini BBQ with the our elderly. We prepared hot dog, otah, satay, honey pineapple and toasted bread and etc. .
We mixed the chicken floss with sweetener and apply it to the toasted bread, you should try it as it is very tasty !!! ^_^
Cutting the pineapple is the toughest and time consuming. We have to pick out the eyes of the pineapple. But it is worth the effort because BBQ pineapple tasted delicious.

2 volunteers brought their very own bread toaster for the kaya butter toasting.  Our RJC students also helped out with the toasting of the bread and BBQ. Our elderly love our food.

After dinner, we pushed our elderly out for a stroll around the compound.

Come join us when you are free.

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