Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ESN Carnival & Concert 2007 - Elderly, Volunteers & Friends

Hi all,

How are you guys doing?? You must have heard by now that Elderly Sector Network (ESN) is organising a Carnival & Concert this year! Yes, you’ve heard them correctly – CARNIVAL & CONCERT. The carnival theme is “Elderly, Volunteers & Friends”.

The main rationale behind this event is to promote a sense of togetherness as a community of volunteers and elderly in the eldercare sector, such that we can all support one another's efforts in the services we provide for the elderly and improve, sustain these efforts for many years to come.
In addition, this will also be a form of “talent spotting” event, not exactly like Star Search with judges or facilitators. ESN committee would like to use this opportunity as a channel for showcasing the hidden talents such as singing, handicrafts and dancing from different Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWOs). This will promote active lifestyle for the residents and an opportunity for volunteers to bring back ideas of how to engage their residents with other handicraft sessions.

This event will be held on 15 Dec 2007 (Saturday) @ Yishun Junior College Hall from 2.00 to 4.30pm. (Address: 3 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768675). Programme includes not mentioning Carnival = Food = Games = Fun, elderly/volunteer performances and lucky draw.

How is SILRA involved??
- We will be manning a handicraft booth showcasing, Ah Lim’s drawing, Salt bottles made by Uncles & Aunties, Ah Kow’s rattan handicraft and tissue paper carrier sow by Aunties.

How we would like you to be involved?? (please revert okie..)
- B4 carnival: Handicrafts preparations do join us for our upcoming Saturdays to engage the residents to continue our Salt Bottle.
- During carnival: 1) Bringing our residents out to/fro YJC; 2) Holding the fort @ SILRA; or 3) setting up either food or game stall (Closing date for proposal: 17 Nov)

Other information that you should be aware of??
This is not a fund raising event, non-profitable, but the coupon sales earned from handicraft booths will be returned to the respective agencies.

Lastly, we are also in the midst of sourcing for sponsors to cover the costs involved.

Alternatively, if you have a great idea and its bursting or burning to share, do drop us a few liners. We look forward to hear from you soon!

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