Monday, December 17, 2007

Upcoming Events ~ Note*

Hi all,

guess some of us are feeling moody..just like the weather, rainy & dark.. guess this kind of weather adds a feel of the "coldness in the air" and maybe, just maybe that it is this same element that sets the mood rite to feel the warmness when one hand a gift of thought and concern over to you.

As the Boar is going to sleep for another 12 years, seems like the quiet Rat is making its way up to the table for oil..

But before that, how could we forgot about the joy of togetherness in making Rice Dumpling in ginger soup and the laughter that we always crack during gathering. All these is a form of our customs before the joy of seeing our Fortune of Wealth kicks in..

Also as part of a good practice, we can also review and plan new year resolutions. Also, to mark down on your 2008 calendar for SILRA Home events..=)

Some useful dates to note:

22 Dec: Winter Solace (Please arrive SILRA at 12.30pm for Rice dumpling preparations). Our dear Liyu will be our Chef of the Day

29 Dec: Volunteer Group gathering @ Rimei's house. Be there for a treat! Something special..
26 Jan: Chinese New Year Celebration @ SILRA (Event kick off at 4.30pm) - Pls volunteer your talents and assistance..Shao Rong are we going to hear your golden voice once more??
We will soon be having a committee meeting for review and planning of the events calendar. So do stay tuned and note down more dates.

Lastly, an advanced Merry Christmas to all of you!!

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