Sunday, December 03, 2006

e dinosaur 4amily - first outing

December 01, 2006

Its been more than a year since Dino & Faith last visited SILRA. Oh, they brought along their new additions in the Yeo family; Gracia and Chloe (going 2 months old in another few days). Yes, TWINS!! (c pic, its not mirror reflection hor!) of cos with the help of Irene and rented car, from cityspeed...its their (Gracia & Chloe) first step out of sembawang estate (besides @ clinics for injection)....

Heard that the nite before one of the baby very cranky and refused to sleep in the middle of the nite. ..

Anw all are surprised and happi to see the family of 4 (& irene) and the 3 adults are glad that elderly still remember them!! After chatting for a while and posing for pictures, they left for their next destination...

An extract from Dino's blog for sharing:
"At the clinic, we got a few attention. Even on the way to and from the clinic. Most frequent heard "Eh? Twins huh?" But that's nothing compare to the feeling of being a parent now. I used to see young couples carrying their baby and thinking, wow, wat a fortunate parents. And now, it's my turn. U know? The kind of feeling like, I'm a father now. I'm a daddy now. And I have to act tough to look like one too. And the funny thing is u feel great when shopping for drypers and milk powder. As if u r buying a pair of $200 Levi's jeans or the latest iPod model. Haha..."

Our heartfelt CONGRATS to Dino & Faith being the proud parents of Gracia & Chloe...=)

All photos with courtesy from dino&faith

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