Sunday, December 17, 2006

SILRA Homemade Tang Yuan

well well yesterday was quite a busy day for the residents of SILRA home. They had buffet for lunch sponsored by a corporate and buffet dinner by a christian grp.

leftover from lunch buffet and christmas carolling in the evening..

oso yesterday we were making "tang yuan" (red bean filling) in ginger soup. Always feel the enjoyment of doing things together in grp cos we will talk, laugh and crack sometimes stupid or cold jokes. This feeling is fun and is also the time where we find out how each of us is getting on..any HAPPENING things..maybe in short "gossip" muahaha

Tang Yuan - Work in progress and the finish product - ready for serving

For those interested to try your hands on "tang yuan", pls refer to the receipe posting...

Yesterday we oso have old friends like Poh Lern and Chella together with her 2 friends joining us yesterday..chella, pls take care okie.. :) oso somehow we found a Santarina @ SILRA thou not in her usual outfit..

Now you c her.. Now you dun...

Since u're reading the post rite now, pls note the following:-

1) Collection of spare red packets.. (no money inside) as we intend to make laterns together with elderly on 6 jan 2007.

2) if you have any idea on making the latern pls share with us.

3) Our Chinese New Year celebration is on 10 Feb 2007.

cheers as we usher into the new year..

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