Saturday, December 09, 2006

Once More

Well well...we are heading towards the end of Saturday once more..sigh why does ticking of clock doesn't stop like battery?? or is it ours is the "En*******" brand?? Hee..think its the time of year where we start to do our yearly reflections & reviews while setting new directions for the NEW YEAR.. so hav you start working out yours?? Well tomorrow, our committee will be mtg @ LY's place for planning out 2007's events and directions 2set our sails to..of cos will be chaired by our De Long.

talk abt 2day's service, we saw some familiar & new faces @ SILRA so happi..and YB gave us refresher course for Theraband exercise..One of the uncle is discharged and is back to SILRA..HURRAY!!!

our service went as per normal like most of the time. *sob* *sob* jus that today not many elderly wan to go out for walk think cos the sky look pretty gloomy. However we still managed to "charm" 5 elderly out. Guess wat we saw when step out of SILRA??

there is a stray kitten gently "meowing" to us when suddenly not sure its a he/she found a LIVE lizard and bite its tail then body with the "killer look" in the face staring back at us...yucks!! 1 of the volunteers almost vomitted..guess that's life out there..okie forget it let's look forward..

next week (16 Dec) is our last festival celebration - Dong Zhi (Winter Solace). time to make rice dumpling ("Sor Yi")..hmmm think the safest color to wear is either white or pink, think harder and you'll know y..muahaha!!! We will kick off at 11.30am @ SILRA and start serving at abt 2pm.

This year we will be having red bean paste filling (in white color) and plain (in pink) in ginger soup..come and have soup with us there...we will save some for you!!

ps: There will be other volunteer groups having christmas carolling in the morning and evening time next Saturday. So do join in the fun..

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