Thursday, December 14, 2006

Volunteer Orientation @ NVPC

Its been almost 2 weeks to our recruitment @ NVPC. Let's have a recap on that nite...before tat let's hav a round of applause for the whole group who turned up after work to lend their support to the recruitment com for this event.

The following are some feedbacks received via NVPC when asked upon the participants about "Which part of the Volunteer Orientation Program did you enjoy the most? Why?"

--SILRA presentation and the tribute to volunteers--
--The presentation by SILRA. Informal and entertaining--
--The SILRA presentation and the overview as they weren't boring and were quite informative--
--Presentation by SILRA. It was nice seeing the smiles and the elderly faces through the things that the volunteers do--

Of cos we felt honoured and thanks for all your comments, we will keep up spreading the good work.....

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